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Fret by Sandrine Gasq-Dion Fret By Sandrine Gasq-Dion
For blistering-hot romance, look no further: When unlikely rock star Gareth Wolf comes out as gay, he seeks protection from former Navy SEAL Axel Blaze — but their bodyguard arrangement quickly gets physical. With nearly 400 five-star ratings on Goodreads!
$1.30 $5.03
The Night Before Christmas by Clement Clarke Moore and Gennady Spirin The Night Before Christmas By Clement Clarke Moore and Gennady Spirin
“’Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house…” With this famous line begins the most beloved holiday poem of all time — a classic tale with beautiful illustrations that will warm the hearts of both kids and adults!
$1.00 $4.74
Perception by Lee Strauss Perception By Lee Strauss
Genetically altered Zoe and natural Noah aren’t supposed to mingle — but when tragedy strikes, their lives come together in unexpected ways. A spellbinding novel with over 600 five-star Goodreads ratings.
Free! $5.03
Teen and Young Adult
Winterbay Abbey by John Bladek and Davonna Juroe Winterbay Abbey By John Bladek and Davonna Juroe
In this modern gothic tale, an ambitious architect takes the job of restoring a deserted abbey on the coast of Maine — only to discover an otherworldly mystery hiding behind its walls…
$0.99 $7.79
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Supernatural Suspense
Father of Lies by S. E. England Father of Lies By S. E. England
On an isolated English moor, the doctors at Drummersgate asylum struggle to minister to their most dangerous patient. In an attempt to understand her madness, they introduce a new treatment — and doom themselves to unimaginable terror…
$1.30 $3.77
The Chronicles of Kerrigan Box Set: Books 1–6 by W.J. May The Chronicles of Kerrigan Box Set: Books 1–6 By W.J. May
Every student at England’s prestigious Guilder Boarding School is special, but not like Rae. Her powers connect her to the family she never knew and the darkness that took them. Join her as she toes the line between good and evil, love and hate in this engrossing box set.
$1.99 $16.37
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Halfskin by Tony Bertauski Halfskin By Tony Bertauski
Biomites — or artificial stem cells — saved Nix’s life after a horrific accident. But when the government seeks to “deactivate” people with a high biomite content, Nix becomes a desperate fugitive in this fast-paced and provocative book that examines what makes us human…
$0.99 $3.77
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Science Fiction
The Night Garden by Lisa Van Allen The Night Garden By Lisa Van Allen
For fans of Alice Hoffman and Sarah Addison Allen comes a moving novel from a New York Times bestselling author: Olivia has spent her entire life on her family farm, tending a garden with mysterious powers… But when her childhood friend Sam Van Winkle suddenly returns, she begins to question her solitary existence.
$1.99 $9.99
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Literary Fiction
The Insulin Resistance Diet Plan & Cookbook by Tara Spencer The Insulin Resistance Diet Plan & Cookbook By Tara Spencer
Being diagnosed with insulin resistance requires a lifestyle change, starting with how you eat. This cookbook offers 100 wholesome recipes, a four-week meal plan, and stress-coping exercises to boost metabolism. The perfect resource for fostering weight loss and preventing prediabetes!
$0.99 $9.05
Geisha by Lesley Downer Geisha By Lesley Downer
“Fascinating… packed with riveting detail” (The Times): This commendable book explores the world of Japan’s geishas, painting an indelible portrait of a rapidly vanishing tradition. An “engaging and enlightening examination of this little-known world” (Arthur Golden, author of Memoirs of a Geisha).
$0.99 $3.99
General Nonfiction
Animal Wise by Virginia Morell Animal Wise By Virginia Morell
From a noted science writer comes a New York Times bestselling exploration of animal cognition. Discover how scientists are proving that even primitive species have cognitive abilities like memory, personality, and self-awareness. “Touching and provocative” (The Washington Post).
$1.99 $13.99
Mercer Girls by Libbie Hawker Mercer Girls By Libbie Hawker
In a town destroyed by the Civil War, three women rewrite their destinies by moving west as mail-order brides. This enthralling novel follows their arduous journey as they seek promise in untamed territory.
$2.00 $6.69
Historical Fiction
Whatever You Do by Stephanie Smith Whatever You Do By Stephanie Smith
After a truly bad breakup, Harper goes on an internet dating spree. But as she brings guy after guy to the same local coffee shop, she attracts the attention of gorgeous café owner Tate — who might be just what she’s looking for…
$0.99 $3.77
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New Adult Romance
Come Home Again by Nana Malone Come Home Again By Nana Malone
A red-hot romance from a USA Today bestselling author! Delilah Donovan can handle anything — but when she’s hired to help sexy CEO Nate Williams, the only man to break her heart, will she be able to separate her professional duties from her personal feelings?
Free! $4.99
New Adult Romance
SEALs of Honor: Markus by Dale Mayer SEALs of Honor: Markus By Dale Mayer
After being kidnapped and held in the Alaskan wilderness, Bree is rescued by Navy SEAL Markus. But as sparks fly between them, can he convince Bree that he’ll keep her safe?
$1.25 $5.03
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Romantic Suspense
Luna Lodge Box Set: Books 1–3 by Madison Stevens Luna Lodge Box Set: Books 1–3 By Madison Stevens
At Luna Lodge, the super-soldier hybrids who control everything are powerful, ripped, and dangerously sexy. Join three women as they take jobs at the lodge — and find passionate connections with the men of their dreams.
$1.99 $7.15
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Paranormal Romance
Annie by Cynthia Woolf Annie By Cynthia Woolf
After only a year of marriage, mail-order bride Annie is widowed and left with a baby daughter. She takes a job as a cook to raise money for travel back to New York — but what will happen when she falls for a handsome saloon owner?
$1.30 $3.77
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Historical Romance
Mail Order Bride: Katie by Vivi Holt Mail Order Bride: Katie By Vivi Holt
Widowed, pregnant, and alone in 19th-century Boston, Katie seeks a new life as a mail-order bride. Will she find true love with her husband Kristoff? Or will the secret she’s hiding drive him away?
Free! $3.77
Historical Romance
Beyond: Volume One by Kit Rocha Beyond: Volume One By Kit Rocha
These three sensual novels will take you to a place where the world is in shambles — and all that exists is hardship… and pleasure. Submission, domination, and steamy passion combine in this titillating collection.
Free! $10.07
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Dark Romance & Erotica
Enthrall Secrets by Vanessa Fewings Enthrall Secrets By Vanessa Fewings
From a USA Today bestselling author: Sultry dominatrix Scarlet Winters is infamous in her city’s BDSM scene. But when billionaire Danton Belfort offers Scarlet the surrender and salvation she’s been craving, will she give in?
$0.99 $3.77
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Erotic Romance
Our First Christmas by Collected Authors Our First Christmas By Collected Authors
An anthology of romantic, heartfelt stories that will bring you cheer and goodwill! As the holidays approach, four women find men who make them believe in Christmas miracles.
$1.99 $7.59
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Contemporary Romance
My Christmas Fiancé by Serenity Woods My Christmas Fiancé By Serenity Woods
From a USA Today bestselling author! When Meg agrees to pose as her new boss’s fiancée for Christmas, it’s all just a charade — until their relationship of convenience turns into something more…
Free! $5.03
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Contemporary Romance
The Warrior Series Boxset: Books 1–4 by Ty Patterson The Warrior Series Boxset: Books 1–4 By Ty Patterson
An enthralling box set from a USA Today bestselling author! US Special Forces operative Zeb Carter is one of the most lethal men in the world — which is why trouble always has a way of finding him. Get swept into a whirlwind of danger and intrigue in these four fast-paced adventures.
$1.99 $12.59
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Action and Adventure
Sister  by Rosamund Lupton Sister By Rosamund Lupton
A New York Times bestseller hailed as “searing” (Publishers Weekly starred review) and “truly marvelous” (Jeffery Deaver): Convinced that her sister’s death was no suicide, Bee investigates the case on her own — and is confronted by the unthinkable secret life that her sibling was hiding.
$1.99 $11.99
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I’ll Find You by Nancy Bush I’ll Find You By Nancy Bush
From a New York Times bestselling author who “always delivers edge-of-your-seat suspense” (Lisa Jackson): One year ago, a car accident killed Callie’s husband and son. She’s desperate to shake her grief — until a former cop opens her eyes to a new reality: one in which the crash was just the beginning…
$1.99 $5.84
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The One You Love by Paul Pilkington The One You Love By Paul Pilkington
When Emma Holden’s fiancé disappears and his brother’s body is found, Emma knows that she’s in danger. Now, if she wants to save the man she loves, she’ll have to uncover her family’s darkest secret… A riveting mystery with over 1,600 five-star reviews on Amazon.
Free! $3.99
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Crime Fiction
Death by Inferior Design by Leslie Caine Death by Inferior Design By Leslie Caine
When interior designer Erin Gilbert enters a decorating competition with her sexy rival Steve Sullivan, sparks fly — and a murder plot unfolds around them! A cozy mystery with an “appealing heroine and warm, genuinely winning voice” (Publishers Weekly).
Free! $4.70
Cozy Mysteries
The Lords of Discipline by Pat Conroy The Lords of Discipline By Pat Conroy
From the New York Times bestselling author of The Prince of Tides: Despite the harsh conditions of the Southern military institute he attends, Will McLean has always been able to get by. But when he becomes mentor to the school’s first black student, Will is drawn into a fight for honor, justice, and change.
$1.99 $17.99
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