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Prescription: Murder! Volume 2 by Alan HyndPrescription: Murder! Volume 2 By Alan Hynd
What happens when the very people who are supposed to heal you are the ones you need to fear? This collection of true crime stories focuses on doctors who couldn’t keep their Hippocratic oath… 
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True Crime
Saving Mars Series: Books 1–2 by Cidney SwansonSaving Mars Series: Books 1–2 By Cidney Swanson
A sci-fi adventure box set: With the Mars colony on the brink of starvation, pilot Jessamyn flies to Earth, an enemy planet, to search for desperately needed food. Will she be able to save her world — or will her efforts cause an interplanetary war? 
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Teen and Young Adult
Three Days to Dead by Kelly MedingThree Days to Dead By Kelly Meding
Thanks to a reincarnation spell, bounty hunter Evangeline Stone has three days to solve her own murder. Branded as a traitor and pursued at every turn, Evy will have to race against time… “Thrilling” (Publishers Weekly), with over 1,200 five-star ratings on Goodreads. 
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Supernatural Suspense
Bats by William W. JohnstoneBats By William W. Johnstone
A classic tale of terror from a New York Times bestselling author: No one knows why they gathered or what led them here, only that the sky is filled with unearthly nightmares — and they’re growing ever hungrier… 
$0.99 $5.19 
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Navigator: The Complete Series by SD TannerNavigator: The Complete Series By SD Tanner
When an alien race effortlessly conquers the planet, humanity’s only hope is an untried cadre of Navigators — the next generation of armored soldiers. An addictive sci-fi series that explores the extraordinary consequences of first contact. 
$0.99 $9.99 
Science Fiction
Guest Bed by Luke P. NarleeGuest Bed By Luke P. Narlee
After a chance encounter on the train, Ron develops a friendship with beautiful, enigmatic Courtney. But what seems harmless at first may turn dangerous… Romance, mystery, and suspense collide in this gripping read! 
$1.99 $5.25 
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Literary Fiction
My Husband’s Wife by Amanda ProwseMy Husband’s Wife By Amanda Prowse
When Rosie’s husband leaves her for another woman, can she find a way to rebuild her shattered life? A “deeply moving and inspiring” tale (Daily Mail) of love, heartbreak, and self-discovery, with almost 900 five-star ratings on Goodreads! 
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Women's Fiction
The Mighty Endeavor by Charles MacDonaldThe Mighty Endeavor By Charles MacDonald
From a revered historian and Purple Heart recipient comes a riveting account of the American military’s role in World War II. “Impeccably accurate, eminently fair… always readable” (Pulitzer Prize winner John Toland). 
$0.99 $3.99 
A Modest Genius by Hanne StragerA Modest Genius By Hanne Strager
This enlightening read takes a comprehensive look into an important figure of modern science. Bringing together Charles Darwin’s life, groundbreaking insights, and legacy allows readers to fully appreciate how his ideas took shape and continue to influence society. 
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Bourbon Creams and Tattered Dreams by Mary GibsonBourbon Creams and Tattered Dreams By Mary Gibson
When Matty’s husband, Frank, whisks her from East London to New York, she believes his promises of a better life. But as their dreams crash and burn — and as Frank turns violent — Matty must find solace and safety in her home country. 
$0.99 $2.65 
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Historical Fiction
Making Faces by Amy HarmonMaking Faces By Amy Harmon
From a New York Times bestselling author comes an unforgettable modern twist on Beauty and the Beast: When once-handsome Ambrose comes back scarred from the war, ordinary Fern sees past his wounds to love the man within… With over 22,000 five-star ratings on Goodreads! 
$1.99 $7.55 
New Adult Romance
Before You Go by Clare JamesBefore You Go By Clare James
Tabby Kelly left behind her school, her friends, and her ruined reputation. She hopes a harmless one-night stand will help her get over the past — and handsome Noah Adler seems like just the guy to help her out… 
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New Adult Romance
A Dark Lure by Loreth Anne WhiteA Dark Lure By Loreth Anne White
Haunted by the months she spent as a hostage, Sarah tries to start over on a quiet ranch. But there are whispers of her abductor’s return, and Sarah must turn to her boss’s handsome son Cole if she hopes to survive the winter. With over 4,600 five-star Goodreads ratings! 
$1.00 $6.29 
Romantic Suspense
Megan’s Mates by Ann GimpelMegan’s Mates By Ann Gimpel
When their pack leader brings skittish Megan under his protection, wolf shifters Les and Karl immediately know she’s their mate. But can they convince her to give in to her desires and join with them? A scintillating ménage romance you won’t be able to resist! 
$0.99 $3.95 
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Paranormal Romance
A Love So Dangerous by Lili ValenteA Love So Dangerous By Lili Valente
“A steamy, high-octane love story” (Lauren Blakely). Gabe is all kinds of bad news — but his seduction makes it too hard for Caitlin to stay out of trouble… Will falling for him be worth the risk? From a USA Today bestselling author! 
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Dark Romance & Erotica
Propositions by Tania JoycePropositions By Tania Joyce
In this sizzling read, ad exec Jessica strikes an arrangement with sexy billionaire Nate that involves mixing business with pleasure. They agree to keep things casual, but their chemistry is impossible to resist… 
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Erotic Romance
Unlucky in Love by Jill SandersUnlucky in Love By Jill Sanders
A charming contemporary romance! With her life going haywire, Kristen can’t seem to catch a break — until handsome architect Aiden takes over the office next door. Only Kristen has no idea Aiden’s a developer deciding whether to buy her company… 
$0.99 $5.03 
Contemporary Romance
Twelve Days by Teresa HillTwelve Days By Teresa Hill
A heartwarming RITA Award–nominated read: Just before Christmas, Rachel and Sam’s marriage is anything but merry and bright. Will an adorable baby on their doorstep give them one last chance to stay together? With over 270 five-star reviews on Amazon! 
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Contemporary Romance
The Apocalypse Fire by Dominic SelwoodThe Apocalypse Fire By Dominic Selwood
Someone stole the Turin Shroud — and if ex-MI6 agent Ava Curzon can’t unravel a host of biblical secrets and get it back, the consequences could prove world-shattering… An adrenaline-charged adventure perfect for fans of The Da Vinci Code
$0.99 $3.03 
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Action and Adventure
Blind Run by Patricia LewinBlind Run By Patricia Lewin
Haunted by his past, former CIA agent Ethan Decker comes out of the shadows to save his ex-wife Sydney from a mysterious assassin. “Brilliant, breathtaking suspense” (New York Times bestselling author Lisa Gardner). 
$0.99 $6.54 
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Stateline by Dave StantonStateline By Dave Stanton
When a billionaire’s son is murdered on his wedding night, Dan Reno is offered a massive bounty to find the killer. Reno needs the reward, but the investigation soon turns deadly, fraught with crooked cops and shady dealings. Will he solve the crime — or become the next victim? 
Free! $5.03 
Crime Fiction
A View to Die For by Richard HoustonA View to Die For By Richard Houston
Jake’s ordinary life is overturned when his sister Megan is accused of killing her husband. With his trusty golden retriever by his side, Jake will prove his sister’s innocence at any cost in this rollicking, suspenseful mystery! 
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Cozy Mysteries