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As a demon, the only thing Paul wants is his freedom. In order to obtain that, he must track down a suitable bride for Satan. Once he finds her, all he needs to do is bring her back to Hell and he'll be granted release. Then he finds Mandy, and she ruins everything.
Mandy is The One, which was the worst thing she could ever hope to be. She was destined to marry Satan, she just doesn't know it yet. The last thing she expects when she goes to work is Paul - a cute, English ginger with black wings protruding from his back. Weird, but cute. He tells her he's there to protect her, which is the dumbest pickup line she's ever heard, and she prides herself for not falling for it. However, when the world literally starts crumbling around her, she has no choice but to trust him. The only thing is, she has this gut feeling he's not telling her something, something that could mean the difference between life and death.
The truth is just as dangerous as the lie, and Paul must decide if his desire for Many is more important than his desire for freedom.
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As high school sweethearts, Declan Reede and Alyssa Dawson didn’t always see eye-to-eye. Especially when it came to his dream of being a driver in the ProV8 series. When he’s offered the chance at the career of his dreams, Declan straps himself in for the ride regardless of the cost.
Older, but not wiser, Declan is on the path to becoming a racing legend. Only, regret haunts him around the track and threatens to send him off-course. When a chance encounter offers the opportunity to correct his mistakes, Declan must learn to manage the curves if he wants to claim the ultimate prize.

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Stella Mulroney is playing a game. It's taken her two years but she finally has an interview at Gregory & Sons, the top London law firm that looks after her stepfather's interests. She plans to discover what her Multi-millionaire Stepdaddy really invests in and bring him down. Unwittingly, she's caught the attention of Hot Alpha Gabriel 'Gabe' Gregory, son of her Stepfather's top Lawyer. He wants to know why Stella has such a need for revenge and would prefer her to channel that fury into a game of his own, 'The Alphabet Game'. After all, his is much more fun to play.
With a thoroughly evil bad guy, secrets, lies, murder, twists, turns, hot sex and love, this is a game not to be missed ...

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Jackson Stiles is used to having bad days, but they’ve been especially bad since a certain tabloid reporter seems to have it out for him.
Emma Green doesn’t mean any harm. She simply sees it as her duty to report the misdeeds of certain Private Detectives who charge too much in a society where people need more superheroes and less villains; something even Jackson has convinced himself he deserves to be called, deep in his gut.
When the two of them realize they’re investigating the same suspicious circumstances, Emma makes Jackson an offer he only wishes he could refuse. But can the man who trusts no one allow the one woman he can’t stand help him get to the bottom of a murder he feels responsible for?
Exposed and unsure, these two unexpected allies come together to unmask the mysteries cloaked in plain sight while uncovering secrets within each other. A lost soul and a seeker of truth travel down the road to redemption and discover more than they bargained for.

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Parker McCallister is the playboy of the family, never having a care in the world beyond his next fling. When Sierra Burns nearly runs him down on horseback, she challenges him in ways he's never experienced. Now all he has to figure out is how to capture this beauty's heart, and this time it is about more than sex and fun for him.
Shortly after meeting Parker, disaster strikes for Sierra and her secret troubles are revealed. Now she needs his help in the worst way. The only problem is she wants to earn her place in life and have a chance to be the person she wants to be, not the ones her parents demand she be. Taking charity from Parker or his family would feel like a lie to her convictions, and she doesn't want dating him to be a condition of accepting their help.
Despite her hesitations, Parker's charms and charisma are hard to resist. Just when she gives up fighting against the attraction and allows herself to hope for love, his past foists a surprise on the new couple and throws Sierra's life out of balance...again.