Monday, 13 February 2017


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I’m Richard. I’m a waiter at the most popular restaurant in New Orleans. And that sucks.
I’m also a rookie at the best sex club in town – Club Desire. And that’s awesome. Except, my probation period hasn’t finished yet so I cannot screw up in any way. I don’t want to ruin my chances at the best job ever.
I mean – I get paid to fulfill people’s sexual fantasies. I get paid, dude! Plus, Club Desire members aren’t your garden variety of perverts. Far from it. It’s a classy place, where only VIPs get accepted and solely by referral.
So when Carol Sullivan asks for me, specifically; I know it’s my chance to shine. All I’ve got to do is make her curl her toes and shout my name. Over and over again.
The successful stock broker from New York is tough and demanding. She craves control and total submission. I can do that. But when she plays it rough something feels off. She wasn’t like that the first time we met. Can I take her darker side? Will I please her or enrage her?

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I had been searching for love my whole life. It took the opening up of the world via technology for me to find my soulmate. Once I laid eyes on her, at the arrivals gate, I knew I was never going to let her go. The following is a collection of poems I wrote to my angel, from our first meeting up until our wedding day. I was working crazy hours as a chef and I had a long commute. I chose my commuting time to pen her a poem each day. These poems speak of our life, our challenges and our growth every aspect they speak of our love.

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"It’s crazy to fall in love so fast."
Vee was too sensible to believe in love at first sight. Attractive guys and great personalities were not mutually exclusive...until she met Yangbin. Maybe it was his dimples, or his broad shoulders, or maybe it was his self-confidence. Whatever it was, Yangbin stood out to Vee like no one ever had.
She tried to brush him off. Forget about their one meeting and pretend she wouldn't care if she never saw him again, but when he showed up working at the hotel where Vee was spending Christmas vacation, she couldn't help but think fate had played a part.
She still didn't want to believe in love, but life had other plans.

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Rayzor of Twelve, a lonely Bounty Hunter banished from his home world, is determined to follow his mission parameters: He must extract his target from a primitive planet called Earth with zero human casualties.
His plan unfolds with precision, until a human female gets in the way.
Rebecca doesn’t understand what the hell is happening. One moment she’s scared and alone in the spooky forest. Then a seven foot tall alien warrior is gazing at her with dark passion, his clawed hands touching her reverently. He’s kissing her, claiming her and saying, his voice hoarse with emotion—that she is his Bride.

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Sunny’s not sure she’s even looking for Mr. Maybe, when her friends decide to find her Mr. Right.
Sunny Vale considers herself a dog-loving, romance-reading, homebody. But her life goes from dull to deadly when her book club fires her from her own love life and sets her up on six blind dates- one of whom might be with a murderer. More trouble arrives in the dead of night, in the form of Jake Landon, a mysterious stranger, who breaks into her neighbor’s house and possibly her heart. But Jake is packing more than a loaded gun in his well-fitting Levi’s. He brings an arsenal of secrets and plenty of heat to Sunny’s ho-hum summer.
Jake Landon finds himself caught up in the capers of the sexy blonde in the house next door. But he has his own agenda which doesn’t involve playing hero to a curvy second-grade teacher and babysitting her panty-puking puppy. He's got other problems like fiery explosions, a missing person...and a parade of jerks Sunny insists on dating.
Could Sunny’s Mr. Right be right under her nose? Even though Jake is gorgeous, likes her dog, and has abs she can crack an egg on, can she really go out with him if he’s just murdered her next door neighbor?