Saturday, 25 February 2017


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They knew each other as children, but will the years apart keep them from having what they both want?
Curvy Teresa Baxter lives her boring waitress life in a small town. Working at her family’s restaurant is all she has going for her. She jokes about living the cat-lady lifestyle, minus the cats.
Then, at her high school reunion, Gavin walks back into her life, reminding Teresa of all things she always wanted and could still have.
After one night of shared passion with Gavin, everything changes…faster than Teresa can wrap her head around.
She is left wondering if she has the strength to deal with the consequence of her recklessness. But she is determined to try and leaves her beloved town to pursue a job in the corporate world. Little does Teresa know that an even bigger surprise awaits her in the city.

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Abby Branson has a plus-size crush on handsome billionaire Stephen Blake, CEO of a gourmet foods empire. But when she’s hired by Blake Foods as a taste tester for a new line of diet desserts, she’s devastated to discover that the real Mr. Blake isn’t anything like the fantasy man in her dreams. Until one passionate kiss reveals there’s more to the brooding billionaire than meets the eye.
With profits slipping, the future of Stephen Blake’s gourmet foods company is riding on the successful launch of his diet desserts line. Adding cute and curvy Abby Branson to the project team makes sense. After all, she smart, feisty, and fits the customer demographic to a T. Although love is the last thing on Stephen’s mind, he can’t help but notice that Abby is more delicious than anything his company creates.
Sparks soon fly between the billionaire and the BBW. But with her insecurities and his wounded heart, coming up with the right recipe for romance won’t be a piece of cake. Will Stephen and Abby succeed in the diet desserts business – and find true love in the process?

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Trust, is not about being comfortable.
Cassandra, a mature, kick-ass woman, is determined to find her family, in spite of a crazy horse, a mysterious helicopter, a frustrated hero and farcical felons.
She has depended on her instincts and good sense for years. But when her life suddenly goes sideways, she begins to wonder if her judgment is being clouded by the chemistry between her and a sizzling hot mystery man.
Gage’s assignment is to protect the woman, but she’s got him twisted up like a pretzel and second guessing every move he makes.
Cass is ready to climb over anything in her way, but Gage is a master at roadblocks.