Tuesday, 14 February 2017

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Bearly Pucked is the first standalone book in a new bear shifter sports romance series, Alpha Champions.
Pro-hockey star Griff “Grizzly” Berenger is all bear, all man, and all trouble. He has everything he ever wanted—or so it seems. Unfortunately, his happiness remains stuck in the penalty box until curvy half-bear Maddox crashes into his life. He hopes the magic of Shay Island, where his lovable family members stick their paws in the mix, will stay with them.
Maddox Price fights hard for what she desires despite her past's tenacity at fighting back. Adopted from birth, she often feels torn between the world of humans and the wilder world of shifter-kind. Only after meeting Griff do she and her bear finally find something to agree on—their absolute determination to make the hockey star their happily-ever-after mate.
Unfortunately, new love proves far more difficult to tame than Maddox expects. And Griff's inner beast may just scare the skittish half-shifter away before they find the key to each others' hearts. Can the two conquer their fears in time to achieve the ultimate goal—a team of two forever?

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Westley Worthington has it all. Piles of money, good looks, a head for business, and a seemingly limitless supply of women who want to please him. And that's just the way he likes it. Until a brush with death causes him to rethink his priorities, and consider someone besides himself for the first time in his privileged life.
Cordelia Cross has never had it easy. Her duty to her family has her working as an assistant to a man she hates just to pay her sister's medical bills. When her arrogant boss alienates his last true friend, she finds herself promoted from schedule-managing coffee grabber, to the newest member of West’s inner circle.
Tempers, and passions, ignite as the two start spending time together, until a shocking accident puts their newfound attraction on ice. When West is faced with the toughest trial of his life, Cordelia helps him realize that he has all the tools he needs to be a force for justice.
Together, they must turn West into the hero no one ever thought he could be.