Thursday, 2 March 2017

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Violet Smoke is creative, vivacious, and desperate. Soon-to-be divorced, and a newly-minted forty to boot, she’ll take any job flung her way if it means getting one step closer to paying off her mountain of debts. When her best-pal Russell, lands her a position at Chenille – an upscale women’s lingerie shop; Violet decides to jump at the chance to change her fate.
Justin Avery is young, sexy, and driven. His new boutique – Chenille is making waves all over Atlanta. Justin knows what women want except when it comes to his assistants; he’s burned through three in the last month already. Now with his debut at Atlanta’s Fashion Week only one month away, he’s running out of time and resumes to find the perfect woman who can keep up with his demanding schedule.


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A modern day Cinderella Romance
He wears his scars on the outside. She keeps hers safe inside.
Charlotte Dixon ignores her stepmother’s edict and, in an act of disobedience, attends one of the social events of the year—a masquerade costume ball. Charlotte’s naughtiness escalates when she dances and smooches with a sexy mystery man. The night of anonymous passion that follows makes her yearn for a different life, but the next day she’s back to her dull routine of household management.
Wealthy advertising tycoon, Ash Marlborough is about to set a private investigator on the trail of his nameless princess when she waltzes right into his place of work. Charlotte is shocked to meet her masked man in the flesh, and even more perturbed when he asks her out on a date. Despite craving another night of sexy loving, she doesn’t have time for a man, not when she wants to reinvent herself and grasp a new, improved life with both hands. But Ash knows what he wants, and he’s determined to win the heart of his princess. Let the dance of seduction commence.


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What's better than wine, chocolate and a little renovation magic? A sweet and sexy matchup between a handsome, hammer-swinging contractor, Sean McMallory, and a flirty and stubborn champagne bar owner, Melinda York, who's in a remodel pickle! Kiss Me at Last brings you back to the charming mountain hamlet of Wescott Springs, Colorado in a heartwarming contemporary, small town romance that's sweet with a little kiss of heat!
One tempting kiss will rock his world…

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My O is missing. Two therapists are going to help me find it.
A standalone romance with an HEA ending and no cliffhangers.
Two hours after Dennis proposes, I find my fiancĂ© with his you-know-what buried in Tiffany Slater’s hoohah, and he has the nerve to suggest it’s my fault.
Because I’m frigid.
Sure, I’ve never had an orgasm with him, or with anyone for that matter, but relationships are about more than good nookie. (Not that it was ever good. Adequate is more like it. Okay, who am I kidding? Dennis couldn’t find his way down there with a flashlight and a map.)
Now I’m determined to find my missing O with the help of two of the hottest men I’ve ever set eyes on. Therapists Benjamin Long and Landon West. If these two men can’t make me come, then no one can.

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Teased and taunted all her life, Lilijana Bartholomew found herself pregnant, beaten and alone.
She thought he had loved her.
Little had she known, it was all part of his sick little game.
Toying with the business card in her hand, could she call on a perfect stranger and ask for help?
What did she expect from him? Rescue? Protection? Escape?
Denim Gargliano, is a powerful, well respected businessman.
Everyone wants to be his friend or be a part of his success.
Everyone wants to be him
When a dark haired girl sweeps into his life unexpectedly, his world is turned upside-down.
He knows he must be careful. Allowing someone into his world leaves them both vulnerable.
However, nothing and no one will stand in his way when it comes to protecting the ones he loves.

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Amelia Harper is still reeling from her sister’s suspicious death. She’s now the sole surviving member of her coven--and worse, Melora was spearheading a truce between the witch clans of Belmont Cove and the bear shifters of Blackthorn Mountain. With her loss, peace seems farther away than ever. And then the man Lia’s spent years trying to forget turns up on her doorstep.
Arcane Affairs agent Parker Kane believes in safeguarding the fragile arrangement that allows paranormals to live among humans undetected. When he travels to Belmont Cove to investigate Melora’s death, the last thing he expects to find is that the victim’s sister is the same woman who left him years ago. What’s more, Parker now realizes that Amelia is his fated mate.

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