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Get Escaping Trouble ~ Saving Zoe Prequel for only 0.99 cents. Releasing 12/5
Vanessa's life has been tainted by secrets and the scars of a past she can't forget. When that past forces itself into her present life, she is faced with unspeakable truths and undeniable danger.
Damaged Goods. Victim. Slave. Whore.
Vanessa promised herself that none of those labels would ever touch her again. She’s on a new path, from darkness into light, and there’s no looking back. That is, until her niece Zoe kidnapped by the same ruthless sex trafficking organization that shattered her young life and left nothing but destruction in its wake. Now, she must dare commit to going underground to root out the sadistic thugs and rescue her niece.
Getting in isn’t the problem – it’s getting out that will take everything she’s got and more. Her love and strength are tested to the limit as she’s forced to revisit a past she thought she had left behind and discover a future ahead of her like one she never imagined.
Good vs Evil
Ian Kelly has been working undercover for too long, and lines are starting to blur. He’s been living in a world filled with malice and corruption. When a woman from his past suddenly falls prey to trafficking, he’s put in an impossible situation: blow his cover and risk the lives of those he loves, or watch the woman of his dreams destroyed right before his eyes.
Can these two souls with so much at stake right undeniable wrongs and not only save the ones they love, but to also save each other?
Genre: Romantic Thriller, Romantic Suspense, Mystery, Thriller & Suspense-Crime Fiction- Kidnapping, Fiction For Women Standalone Novel With Interconnected Characters. (Romance Thriller Series)
WARNING: This book contains emotional triggers, strong sexual content, explicit situations, adult Language and disturbing scenes.
It is intended for an adult audience 18+

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Aaron Tanner is the Alpha werewolf of the Greensborough pack. As with all his kindred, Aaron bears a mark which will match his perfect mate. But he's been searching for nearly twenty years … and failing. The ache of longing in his body and soul grows harsher with each passing day.
Grayson’s mate Reagan brings hope when he spies a young were with the same mark, but the man disappears in the chaos of the fires that ravage Greensborough. Aaron’s not sure how much longer he can hold on …
Jordan Macky has grown up believing he will never mate. Even his own mother told him he was unworthy. Having accepted his fate as a cast-off, he's horrified when a mark develops on his chest that matches that of the Alpha’s.

Aaron is a great man, and Jordan admires him from afar, but he could never live up to the standards set by the pack for their Alphas … or can he? Perhaps his old beliefs are just that. But, just as Jordan prepares to stand at his mate's side, the Rogues strike and 
Aaron is badly wounded.

Has Jordan waited too long, or this time, will it be the Gamma who is called to save his Alpha?
Howl with the pack again in this hot, exciting MM paranormal--get your copy of Aaron's Mate today!

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He asked me to marry him so I did the only thing I could. I disappeared.
I never told anyone what I went through at home. Not even Asher, the only one who loved me. If I didn't escape Cloverville I'd end up like my mother or worse.
Getting the hell out was my only choice. Ash deserves better than me anyway.
When I have to come back, he makes me weaker in the knees than he ever did before. He's taller, broader, hotter, and he wants me just as much as he did back then. Every day the memories get stronger and it's harder to resist him.
But I can't give him what he wants. The answer to that question he asked me four years ago...
Only one girl could make me move mountains to please her. With her big doe eyes and sweet lips, Dahlia made me drop my bad boy reputation to be everything she needed.
Her safety. Her comfort. And her protector.
Our whole town turned its back on her. I was all she had.
And then she left without a word.
Four years later, she's back and I'm dying to taste those lips again. I need answers. I need her.
Ball & Chain is a full-length romance with no cheating, no cliffhangers and a HEA

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One witch. One wolf shifter. One forbidden love. One curse only they can lift.
After ten years, Theodora returns to her hometown for a funeral. She planned to help her aunts and then go back to her life in the city, until she ran into her childhood sweetheart. They begin to rekindle their relationship despite his father's wishes.
Son of the Alpha comes with expectations. Most of all, Emmitt is supposed to avoid witches at all costs. Then he runs into Teddy and his wolf finds his mate. As if their situation isn't challenging enough, one by one, members of his pack begin to go rogue.
Will their love survive survive all the obstacles they face?


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A fun STANDALONE sweet romance from New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Jean Oram! Warning: This book will cause you to laugh out loud. Please proceed with caution when reading in public .
One nature guide. One accidental forest fire. And one steamy investigator hot on her tail.
Life would be easy for Jen Kulak if she hadn’t just burned down the forest she depends upon for her business’s wilderness adventures. It would be even easier if she hadn’t accidentally fallen head over heels for the fire investigator tracking her every move.
When the pressure on Jen heats up will she run like she has in the past? Or will she find the strength to fight the accusations that could cost her everything, including her own happily ever after?
Find out in this small town contemporary sweet romance, the third standalone book in the Blueberry Springs series.
The Blueberry Springs Series [STANDALONE NOVELS]--sweet, clean romances:
Whiskey and Gumdrops (Book 1)
Rum and Raindrops (Book 2)
Eggnog and Candy Canes (Book 3)
Sweet Treats (Book 4)
Vodka and Chocolate Drops (Book 5)
Tequila and Candy Drops (Book 6)
Companion novel: Champagne and Lemon Drops NOW IN AUDIO!
Also by Jean Oram...
The Summer Sisters Tame the Billionaires:
Love and Rumors (Book 1)
Love and Dreams (Book 2)
Love and Trust (Book 3)
Love and Danger (Book 4)
Love and Mistletoe (Book 5)

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