Friday, 31 March 2017


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New Year's Eve has never been so depressing!
Jordan Parker is so sick of men who don't live up to her standards. Which is pretty sad, since her standards are outrageously low! All she wants is a good man with a sense of humour, who'll treat her right. That's not so much to ask is it?
This New Year's Eve is as disastrous as any other for Jordan. Her date is a douche canoe, her best friend just announced she's getting married and even the bartender takes pity on her and buys her a drink.
But Jordan is an achiever. She doesn't fail at LIFE!


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The much loved Turner family and friends are back in another hilarious novella.
Tyler Turner has had the shock of his life. Is he really ready to be a fully-fledged adult with responsibilities?
Dylan’s had enough of Cam’s business taking over their life and gives her an ultimatum. With the two at loggerheads, Dora does her usual meddling to get them to see sense.
Beth and Leo are keeping their own secrets, but how long before at least one becomes obvious?
Dora’s period is late, and she’s found out she’s going to be a grandmother. In true Dora style, she runs away. This time on a pre-booked mini-break to Liverpool with her sister.


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To his fans, Ashe Hunter is the perfect man, the classically trained British actor taking Hollywood and Broadway by storm. To his American girlfriend, Riley Eames, he is a man in love and he'll do anything to keep her safe from the prying eyes of paparazzi suddenly digging into her past.
But to British stage and film actress Catriona Marks, Ashe is her ticket to Hollywood fame and she'll do anything to get it even if it means exposing the man she once knew and tearing down the image he's built for himself ever since he left her.

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Is it possible that little Meggie's turned terrorist? I haven't seen her since I was a lifeguard and she at that awkward age between kid and woman. Now she's drop dead gorgeous and my suspect. I knew I was in trouble when she glared at me with those big green eyes. And when we kissed? Holy shit, I wasn't prepared for the hottest sex of my life. Now she's on the run and it's my job to find her and keep her safe or maybe even arrest her. Either way I'm screwed because I've fallen hard and that just can't happen, not with the city under attack.

I'd tried to be gentle. Hadn't I watched her every sweet expression, made her explode and scream out my name? More than once? But then again, there was that one moment, right as I entered, where her body had stiffened.

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There's a bit of Alice in all of us. She's just an ordinary girl, trying to get through each day, and encountering a few humorous pitfalls along the way.
Alice is an erotic author with a vivid imagination, which she puts to good use for her readers.
Follow Alice as she goes from hot fantasy to crashing back to earth when her flights of imagination evaporate into a disappointing reality.
From everyday encounters at the gym or tattoo shop, to a rendezvous via a dating site.
You just know the reality is never going to match up for poor Alice.

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I know she lies to me, but her secrets only make me want her more.
I’m the guy they all want to marry, but I won’t get down on one knee for anyone.
They’re the ones who need to get on their knees. And they all do.
And they stay there, on their knees in front of me, until I let them get back up.
Maybe you think I don’t deserve a wife. Maybe you’re right.
Two days ago I wouldn’t have cared. But now, all that’s changed.
Kristina Masters.
She knows how to use her sweet assets.
She won’t get on her knees for me.
But she will be mine.
Whatever it takes.
Even if I know she’s not who she says she is…
His Huge Rock is a standalone, full-length novel of approximately 150 000 words. No cheating, no cliffhanger, and a guaranteed happily ever after. Includes bonus content!

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