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A Season of Madness by Robert ScottA Season of Madness By Robert Scott
From a New York Times bestselling author: In the late 1970s, Darrell Rich terrorized the city of Redding, California, attacking and murdering girls and women seemingly without motive. This well-researched account details the crimes and eventual capture of the Hilltop Rapist.
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True Crime
How to Trap a Leprechaun by Sue Fliess and Emma RandallHow to Trap a Leprechaun By Sue Fliess and Emma Randall
Perfect for Saint Patrick’s Day! According to legend, catching a leprechaun brings good luck and a granted wish. But how do you do it? In this magical book, young readers will learn simple crafts to create a trap for even the trickiest leprechaun. 
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Forsaken by J.D. BarkerForsaken By J.D. Barker
“Chilling imagery” (Library Journal) from an author with “a delightfully devious mind” (Jeffery Deaver): When Thad penned his novel, his account of centuries-old witch trials started as fiction. But now he’s opened a door — and what emerges is far more deadly than anything he could have imagined… 
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Supernatural Suspense
Magnus Opum by Jonathan GouldMagnus Opum By Jonathan Gould
Magnus is perfectly content with his simple life in quaint Lower Kertoob — until an unexpected death pitches him headfirst into a war that will challenge everything he knows about his world. An irreverent, lushly detailed epic! 
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Clones: The Anthology by Collected AuthorsClones: The Anthology By Collected Authors
In this engrossing and diverse anthology, experience worlds where clones live among us. A powerful collection about technology, society, and what it means to be human. 
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Science Fiction
Books from the Heart by Suzanne Whitfield VinceBooks from the Heart By Suzanne Whitfield Vince
With masterful storytelling, this box set explores the astonishing lives of three women. From a mother’s unexpected deathbed confession to a woman’s search for her birth family, these poignant tales will take readers on an emotional roller coaster. 
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Women's Fiction
You Are What You Think by Dr. David StoopYou Are What You Think By Dr. David Stoop
Make a constructive change in your attitude and life with this inspirational guide to self-talk! Active internal reflection and discussion can help you work through negative emotions and foster positive ones. 
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Christian Nonfiction
The Golden Age of Piracy by Benerson LittleThe Golden Age of Piracy By Benerson Little
This deep dive into the history of piracy proves that truth can be far stranger and more fascinating than fiction. Featuring intensive research and eyewitness accounts, this book will make you question everything you thought you knew about the legendary lawbreakers. 
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The Ides by Peter TonkinThe Ides By Peter Tonkin
An adrenaline-charged historical thriller set in ancient Rome: The infamous Artemidorus and his associates risk everything to prevent the murder of Julius Caesar — but the most dangerous men in Rome stand against them, and the ides of March is on the horizon. 
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Historical Fiction
Tall, Tatted, and Tempting by Tammy FalknerTall, Tatted, and Tempting By Tammy Falkner
An alluring romance with over 10,000 five-star ratings on Goodreads! When Logan meets Kit, a gorgeous yet mysterious woman, he agrees to let her hide out with him. Their attraction is undeniable — but he’ll never love her until he knows who she really is… 
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New Adult Romance
Sizzle by Liliana HartSizzle By Liliana Hart
From a New York Times bestselling author: When elite security agent Archer lands a new job, he doesn’t expect feisty Audrey. But as the pair get entangled in the hunt for a cold-blooded killer, will their explosive chemistry put them in greater danger? 
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Romantic Suspense
Black Falcon’s Lady by Kimberly CatesBlack Falcon’s Lady By Kimberly Cates
From “a master of the genre” (RT Book Reviews) comes a passionate tale of forbidden love! English heiress Maryssa is robbed by the Black Falcon — a notorious highwayman who also becomes the thief of her heart… 
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Historical Romance
A Love for All Seasons by Denise DomningA Love for All Seasons By Denise Domning
After their courtship ends in disappointment, Johanna never expects to see Robert of Blacklea again. Robert does return, still mad for her — but a destructive plot threatens to separate them forever. “A well-researched, intensely sensual story” (Library Journal). 
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Historical Romance
Take Me, Break Me by Cari SilverwoodTake Me, Break Me By Cari Silverwood
Jodie has never indulged her BDSM fantasies — until she convinces her ex Klaus to explore his darker side. But once she starts pretending to be his slave, will they ever be able to stop? With over 500 five-star ratings on Goodreads! 
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Dark Romance & Erotica
Last Chance Rebel by Maisey YatesLast Chance Rebel By Maisey Yates
A sizzling romance from a New York Times bestselling author: Cowboy Gage West wants Rebecca Bear’s forgiveness — and he’s willing to pay for it. Rebecca doesn’t accept charity, but the more time they spend together, the less she wants Gage to leave… 
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Contemporary Romance
Forever Country by Brenda KennedyForever Country By Brenda Kennedy
Ten years ago, Abel left home to pursue glory as a professional boxer. But when he returns to his country roots, he finds a love worth fighting for with Savannah Mae. 
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Contemporary Romance
White Death by Jack CastleWhite Death By Jack Castle
Perfect for Michael Crichton fans: Amidst the barren wastes of the Arctic, a researcher and a detective investigate a series of bizarre, lurid deaths. Cut off from the outside world, they must go to extraordinary lengths to survive — as they face down a monstrous presence beneath the ice… 
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Action and Adventure
Speak No Evil by Tanya Anne CrosbySpeak No Evil By Tanya Anne Crosby
From a New York Times bestselling author who “serves up suspense, secrets, and Southern scandal like no one else” (Harlan Coben): The Aldridge sisters are forced to live together in order to receive their late mother’s inheritance — but they soon find themselves up against a killer… 
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Sundown on Top of the World by R.E. DonaldSundown on Top of the World By R.E. Donald
When ex–homicide detective Hunter Rayne finds himself with car trouble en route to Alaska, his detour will plunge him into a dangerous hunt to solve a 25-year-old cold case. A suspenseful, character-driven mystery! 
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Crime Fiction
Dead Wrong by Leighann DobbsDead Wrong By Leighann Dobbs
From a USA Today bestselling author: Morgan and Fiona Blackmoore are enjoying their quiet life in Noquitt, Maine, when Morgan is accused of killing a sharp-tongued woman with plenty of enemies. Now Fiona has to prove her sister’s innocence to handsome policeman Jake Cooper… 
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Cozy Mysteries
The Ocean at the End of the Lane by Neil GaimanThe Ocean at the End of the Lane By Neil Gaiman
A masterful #1 New York Times bestseller: When a man returns to his childhood home, the memories of the terrible darkness he once experienced there come flooding back… “Poignant and heartbreaking, eloquent and frightening, impeccably rendered” (Kirkus Reviews starred review). 
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