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Across the Universe by Elise MarionAcross the Universe By Elise Marion
When a 19th-century man rides a lunar eclipse through time, modern-day Anika recognizes him from a handsome portrait in her antique shop. Can mysterious Isaac claim her heart and protect her from a centuries-old curse? 
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Time Travel Romance
Blind Ride by BA TortugaBlind Ride By BA Tortuga
Bull rider Jason has dedicated his life to the arena — until tragedy forces him to abandon his dreams. Now, with his traveling partner, Bax, he may be able to find hope in a new life… and a new love. 
$0.99 $4.52 
Serpentine by Thomas ThompsonSerpentine By Thomas Thompson
A chilling New York Times bestseller! Here is the story of Charles Sobhraj, nicknamed “the Serpent” — a devious serial killer who left a trail of bodies from Paris to Hong Kong. “This sensational true crime book has everything” (Publishers Weekly). 
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True Crime
Marked by Sarah FineMarked By Sarah Fine
Paramedic Cacy has a side job escorting the dead to Heaven or Hell. When her double life is unhinged by her father’s murder, she must restore the delicate balance — while distracted by her sexy partner, who has a secret of his own… With over 1,500 five-star ratings on Goodreads. 
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Supernatural Suspense
Doll House by John HuntDoll House By John Hunt
The night she moves into her college dorm, Olivia is taken by two masked men to what will be her new home — a sinister, real-life dollhouse where she joins their collection of dolls… 
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A Nate Temple Supernatural Thriller Box Set: Books 1–3 by Shayne SilversA Nate Temple Supernatural Thriller Box Set: Books 1–3 By Shayne Silvers
A riveting fantasy box set: After his parents are murdered, billionaire wizard Nate Temple is out for blood. But when St. Louis is overrun with shapeshifters and other magical beings, he must put his quest for vengeance on hold to save his city. 
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The Secrets of Roscarbury Hall by Ann O’LoughlinThe Secrets of Roscarbury Hall By Ann O’Loughlin
A “beautifully drawn” tale (Kate Kerrigan): In a sleepy town, two elderly, estranged sisters live tucked away in a crumbling mansion with their dark pasts. But when they find themselves in a decades-old adoption scandal, their long-kept secrets are dragged into the light... Perfect for fans of Philomena
$2.99 $21.90 
Women's Fiction
Wedded to War by Jocelyn GreenWedded to War By Jocelyn Green
A Christy Award finalist: Inspired by the letters and journals of a real Civil War nurse, this inspirational tale follows Charlotte as she gives up her life of privilege to join the Union’s efforts. 
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Christian Fiction
All I Can Handle by Kim StaglianoAll I Can Handle By Kim Stagliano
With laugh-out-loud hilarity and searing honesty, Kim Stagliano recounts the highs, lows, and in-betweens of raising three daughters with autism. A “passionate, funny memoir” (Booklist). 
$2.99 $19.99 
Biographies and Memoirs
The First Americans by John David CrossThe First Americans By John David Cross
Long before Columbus, the peoples of North and Central America built complex societies with sophisticated art, architecture, and urban life. This breathtaking work of history explores the stunning achievements of these great ancient civilizations. 
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Prevail by Jeff PearcePrevail By Jeff Pearce
When Mussolini invaded in 1935, Ethiopians stood up and fought back. Experience the riveting true story of a country’s rise against fascism with this history of a compelling chapter in the narrative of World War II. 
$2.99 $19.82 
The Venetian Mask by Rosalind LakerThe Venetian Mask By Rosalind Laker
In this “outstanding” novel (Publishers Weekly), friends Elena and Marietta confront the perils of marriage and love in an 18th-century Venice ruled by deception. “Very entertaining” (School Library Journal). 
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Historical Fiction
Love Is Everything by Abby BrooksLove Is Everything By Abby Brooks
Looking for some well-deserved fun, hardworking Maya spends a wild night with gorgeous bad boy Hudson. But as their attraction heats up, their no-strings-attached arrangement just might turn into happily ever after… 
$1.32 $5.03 
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New Adult Romance
Him by Carey HeywoodHim By Carey Heywood
New York Times bestseller with over 2,000 five-star ratings on Goodreads! Sarah returns home for her brother’s wedding — and she’s determined to avoid her former flame, Will, at all costs. But when Will turns out to be the best man, sparks fly… 
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New Adult Romance
Risking It All by Tessa BaileyRisking It All By Tessa Bailey
From a New York Times bestselling author comes a romance that will “make readers across the globe seriously swoon” (RT Book Reviews). When Sera goes undercover, she finds herself in terrible danger — and only mob boss Bowen can save her… 
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Romantic Suspense
Touch a Dark Wolf by Jennifer St. GilesTouch a Dark Wolf By Jennifer St. Giles
“An engrossing read” (Publishers Weekly) from a USA Today bestselling author: Enter a world where shapeshifters are sworn to protect humans. When shifter Jared risks his life to rescue mortal Erin, will his interference unleash an even greater threat? “A fantastic series” (Sherrilyn Kenyon). 
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Paranormal Romance
The Melancholy Virgin by Annabel LaineThe Melancholy Virgin By Annabel Laine
When the Earl of Moriston’s attempts to solve a complex crime lead him to interview Miss Katharine Kenwood, he can’t help but fall for her! “A jaunty Regency mystery with romantic underpinnings, a high-spirited cast, and some delightful research into the period’s theatrical lows” (Kirkus Reviews). 
$0.99 $3.99 
Historical Romance
Lavender Blue by Parris Afton BondsLavender Blue By Parris Afton Bonds
Jeanette wants nothing to do with unscrupulous Kitt, but she strikes a bargain with him anyway: He’ll lend his help, in exchange for one thing — her. Danger, romance, and a marriage of convenience collide in this unputdownable novel from an award-winning author! 
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Historical Romance
Wrong for Me by Jackie AshendenWrong for Me By Jackie Ashenden
“Compelling” (Publishers Weekly): After being released from prison, Levi is determined to win Rachel’s love — so he forces her into playing out his deepest fantasies… 
$2.99 $6.89 
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Dark Romance & Erotica
The Sherbrookes of Newport: Books 4–6 by Christina TetreaultThe Sherbrookes of Newport: Books 4–6 By Christina Tetreault
In this sizzling collection, Lauren, Addison, and Kiera find themselves caught up in the worlds of wealthy, powerful men. As they navigate their unexpected new relationships, will they find true love? 
$0.99 $6.29 
Contemporary Romance
Seducing the Bachelor by Sinclair JayneSeducing the Bachelor By Sinclair Jayne
When single mom Talon wins Colt at a bachelor auction, she decides to have some steamy fun with the sexy Special Forces operative! But can their chemistry between the sheets ignite a love that lasts? 
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Contemporary Romance
Thunder Mountain by Zane GreyThunder Mountain By Zane Grey
When three brothers head to Idaho to seek their fortune, they encounter a barrage of violence, treachery, and corruption. Will their ambitions tear them apart? A classic, action-packed western from a master of the genre! 
$2.99 $9.99 
Action and Adventure
Dead or Alive by Dean CarsonDead or Alive By Dean Carson
Eli Varrick was supposed to go on one last, simple mission as a hit man before beginning a quiet life in Edinburgh. But the hit is anything but easy, and the hunter quickly becomes the hunted. Can Eli stay ahead — or will he die trying? 
$0.99 $3.99 
The Dante Connection by Estelle RyanThe Dante Connection By Estelle Ryan
Genevieve Lenard puts her genius to good use as an art theft investigator. When an old friend turns up beaten and bloodied at her door, she must crack a devilish code and conquer her own fears to solve the mystery. A USA Todaybestseller. 
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Crime Fiction
Dying to Get Even by Judy FitzwaterDying to Get Even By Judy Fitzwater
Jennifer Marsh just wants to write murder mysteries — but she’ll have to solve a real one to save her friend! Did sweet, harmless Emmie Walker really kill her ex-husband? “If you’re a fan of Susan Isaacs or Olivia Goldsmith, you’ll love Judy Fitzwater” (Janet Evanovich). 
$1.99 $5.03 
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Cozy Mysteries