Sunday, 12 March 2017


by Gloria Gay ~
All her life Kate Shallot and her sister, Stacy, have wondered about their mother’s secretive past and the experience with the paranormal that had given their mother endless youth.
        So, when she and her sister are contacted by their mother’s life-long best friend about a diary their mother had left with her, to be given to Kate and Stacy five years after their mother’s death, the girls are thrilled. Finally, they will find out the details of their mother’s journey into the psychic world from which she emerged with her life completely up-ended.
        Eager to put behind her her disastrous marriage that lasted only an awful year and supplant it with a new experience, Kate goes in search of the psychic woman her mother had mentioned in her journal, Madame Xalia.
        After a perplexing experience in which Kate is led under the magical golden canopy her mother had mentioned in her journey, Kate is returned to her bus. She wonders then if the psychic woman she met, who told her she was the twin sister of Madame Xalia, had changed her mind about allowing Kate to retrace her mother’s footsteps.
        On a transatlantic flight as a newly-minted tour guide for the large tour company she works for, Kate wakes up from a nap to find she is hurling alone through space.
        She is then plunged into the dangerous past of 1818 England.
        Alone in an alien world that shimmers with danger, she is aided by her one contact, Michael Sorville, Earl of Lanquest after their initial contentious meeting in which she explains that she is not from his age.
        Lanquest helps her adjust to the present she must live in while he works with her to get her back to her time. As the days go by Lanquest falls in love with Kate and is less and less eager to see her go, just as she is not eager to leave the one man who has invaded her heart and soul as no man ever had.
Available Formats: Digital, Trade Paperback

Trade Paperback ISBN: 978-1-5440696-6-1 
Page Count: 220 pages
Genre: Time Travel Romance
Release Date: 3/2/2017
Publisher: Self-published, Kindle Books

TropesSpunky heroine, storybook hero
Tone: Suspenseful
Heat Level: Spicy
About the Author:
"FOREVER YOUNG" and A BRIDGE THROUGH TIME, are Gloria's most recent time travel romances. "Kissed In The Dark", an expanded, re-written issue of CANCELED COURTSHIP, "The Road To Winterhil," an expanded, re-written issue of Forced Offer," "Fate Is A Stranger", an expanded, re-written issue of "Known To All", and "Enchanted Summer" are Gloria's latest Regency novels. She is at work writing a romantic suspense romance. She also published a book of poems: "Poems Of Love And The Sea."

Author/Artist/Poet, Gloria Gay, worked as a legal secretary for twenty-five years and several years as a stringer for two weekly newspapers. She lives with her husband, Enrique, an architect, in San Diego, California and they feel very lucky to have their three children and six grand-children living nearby.