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Focusing on her career for the last ten years or so has turned Kay Montanaro into the professional everyone in the office wants to be like. Her success, efficiency, and no-nonsense attitude have become a target to be achieve. Good for her! Or is it?
Climbing the corporate ladder to such high levels has put a heavy toll on her personal life to the point she actually doesn’t have any. Kay has put on weight and lost touch with old friends. She never finds time to socialize or date let alone have a love life. Her best friend can’t stand seeing Kay miss out on so much so she starts a campaign to convince Kay to rethink her priorities and let fun back into her life. Sylvia’s point is that Kay should embrace the opportunities whenever she finds them, wherever she finds them.
Although Kay resists such concept at first, Sylvia’s quite persistent so her ideas gradually seep in. On a flight to London, Kay finds what she needs to rekindle her passion – a gorgeous man from her past who is willing to reconnect. Can David give Kay everything she needs? Is he enough? Or does she dare ask for more?
WARNING – This 6,800-word short-story portraits two hot alpha males who would do anything to entertain a gorgeous BWW passenger during a long otherwise dull transatlantic flight. Their encounter gets pretty steamy and naughty therefore it’s not recommended for the faint of heart or for those who object to three people finding pleasure together also known as threesomes.

A gripping medical drama for fans of contemporary women's fiction family sagas that asks the question 'what would you do if your first and only true love were given just weeks to live?'
"Erin's novel is reminiscent of work by Jodi Picoult and Emily Giffin, two very different women's fiction authors who both have an incredible knack for understanding and conveying the complexities of human relationships." ~ Wendi Nunnery
Does the heart ever really heal from it's first break?
Dr. Keon McGowan has pictured his ex-wife’s death a thousand times. After all, ten years ago Darcy abandoned him and their daughter Lily in favour of chasing butterflies around the Amazon rainforest. So why then, when she’s given just weeks to live, does the bottom fall out of his world?
Compelled to provide Lily with lasting memories of the mother she's never known, Keon invites Darcy to a family get together in Sherwood Forest, promising to keep her failing health from his family as long as Darcy doesn't tell Lily she is her mother. But lying to his overprotective family and his incredibly intelligent ten year old about why Darcy has returned, is harder than he ever thought possible, especially when their speculation and meddling drags all kinds of secrets from the past and forces the whole family to face the truths they'd rather stay hidden.
Struggling to accept Darcy's choice to end her treatment (and her life), and perpetually caught between the desire to kiss her or kill her, Keon soon realises he never really healed from the broken heart Darcy caused. And that maybe to rest of the world she’s just one person, but to him, she is the world. And that means, unless he can convince Darcy to fight for the tomorrow they may not have, his world is about to end.
Keon, and his family, are about to learn that four days can change every thing.

Sadie Reynolds is a liar. Hanging with the AE, Atwood High’s elite group of popular kids requires absolute perfection on every level: a goal Sadie knows she’ll never attain. Haunted by dreams of the night her mother was murdered, she hides her PTSD as best she can and stays quiet when her snobby friends terrorize everyone who isn’t a part of their exclusive group of friends—specifically, her geeky neighbor, Ian Daniels. Standing up against Britt Kennedy, Atwood High’s “Queen Bee” means social suicide on an epic level. Unwilling to give up the one “good” thing in her life despite her inner hatred for Britt, Sadie silently follows her bossy friend’s orders. That is, until she crosses paths with Hayden Pope.
Hayden is a “Waverly.” A kid with the misfortune of living in the small farming town of Waverly that borders the very affluent Lexington Parrish. The AE doesn’t mix with “Waverlies.” Ever. Unless the mixing involves a one-night stand. Sadie crashes into Hayden at a bonfire and the attraction that sparks between the two is nothing short of electric.
Unwilling to live a life ruled by the AE, Sadie takes a stand against her frenemies. But she soon finds out she waited too long, and the unthinkable happens, leaving everything she knows a shadow of what it once was.
Formerly titled In The After

Three Wild Stories. One desperate need for intimate relations with truck drivers on the job!
Scalding Hot Stories are right here for the taking in this juicy bundle of truck driver tales. Indulge your fantasies of being taken by a stranger on a long distance road trip. What will you get up to in the cab? How will it feel with men who don't get to visit with a woman too much?
In these three short stories, you'll find younger ladies and older men, discovering lust and pleasure in each other's arms. You won't be able to put this book down until the very last page has washed over your sizzling skin and left you breathless and spent.
Stories included for your pleasure:
The Truck Stop Special
Clean Me Up
One Hell Of A Ride
If these three hot driving stories leave you wanting more, be sure to get your hands on another volume in the Very Sexy series.
Warning: Strictly for over 18 audiences. This book contains graphic consensual sex between twenty somethings-and much older men, sex with strangers and lots of dirty-talk. Do not purchase unless this is what you enjoy and expect to read.

Logan has spent his entire life knowing he was different. An invisible force has guided him through important—and not so important—decisions, always pointing him in the right direction. His Gram calls his sixth sense the Chans, a word that means luck in her native Haitian creole.
One afternoon, while driving home from a faculty meeting at the school where he teaches music, Logan feels the familiar tug of the Chans. Usually the pull is like a suggestion being whispered in his ear. This time, however, it is a demand—one he is compelled to follow.
When the Chans leads him to a ramshackle diner in an out-of-the-way rural Mississippi town, Logan thinks there must be a mistake. But before he talks himself into leaving, a woman walks in that will change his life forever.