Tuesday, 21 March 2017


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When a big Hollywood star, a gorgeous Dom, and a kinky ghost meet at an exclusive sex club in New Orleans sparks fly and the temperature gets scorching hot. The Alpha males will taunt the reluctant sub and test her limits. But how much pleasure can a person endure? Will she break or ask for more?
Join Clara, Sam and Marcel at the best-kept secret in New Orleans - Club Desire. Here’s where celebrities come to indulge in their darkest fantasies. Watch Clara discover her hard limits as wells as you test your own in this exciting short-story.


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They are calling it the End of Days. The world is plunging into darkness, the days growing shorter and the nights longer. Meteor showers are falling to the earth and there are some who would take advantage of the growing darkness.
For sixteen-year-old Bronte Bell, her problems are closer to home. Since her birthday she's become weaker, her bones breaking, her hair falling out and plagued with constant migraines. No one can explain why. Until a mysterious new boy arrives and tells her that everything is not as it seems. She is not what she seems.


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It took 20 years for perfectionist PR pro Kate Masters to fall for her best friend, Army scout Ethan Shepherd, but only seconds for their lives to shatter. When an ill-fated deployment cuts short Ethan’s life, Kate's perfectly planned future vanishes. Heart in pieces, Kate abandons who she is for a reckless and dangerous existence.
Army medic Nick Hunter made a promise to Ethan, his brother-in-arms, before tragedy ripped his friend away. Upon leaving the military, Nick moves to Ethan’s hometown, his determination to uphold his promise as strong as his need to heal his own broken heart. What he finds when he arrives isn’t at all what he thought he was getting into. Kate isn’t interested in healing, making it impossible for Nick to keep his promise.


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This book contains mature themes.
At twelve years old, Kaylee Harper’s life took a heartbreaking turn when her father was murdered and she was left for dead.
Now seventeen, Kaylee’s still living with the unbearable guilt from that night. Things now seem to be looking up for Kaylee. She has Alexis Collins, her best friend who is practically her sister, and Riley Thompson, her boyfriend who is the star running back on their high school’s football team.
Kaylee is starting to see that Riley isn’t all that great, but is it too late?
Adam Thomas has everything a teenager could wish for, two loving and caring parents, friends, a nice truck, and a starting spot on the school’s varsity basketball team. Now he just wants the perfect girl and he has his sights set on Kaylee.




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Get all three books in the Pleasure Point Series PLUS Oceans of Obsession - Pleasure Point Series Prequel.
Oceans of Obsession - He's a hot Brazilian pro-surfer. She's a free-spirited artist. Will their passion come in with the tide?
Peaks of Passion - An 18-year old surfing god. A seductive older woman. Will the groundswell of their forbidden love destroy their lives?
Surge of Lust - Wild waves by day. Wealthy women by night. Can Jax handle his steamy double life?
Waves of Desire - Wild wipeouts. Shocking secrets. Will Jax and Rosalyn live happily ever after?
If you like spicy sex scenes, twisty plots, and chiseled beach bodies, then you'll love Jennifer Evans' sizzling page-turners.
Buy Pleasure Point: The Complete Series to turn up the heat today!


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“I’d stop changing for you.”
Aston, a Stone Pack Beta, has been content in his role as Jasper’s second in command, but after watching his Alpha find love with his mate, he starts longing for a mate of his own, but his wolf isn’t interested in any of his current options. Tasked with a reconnaissance mission, he is set upon by shifters from the Milton Pack and saved by a woman who instantly arouses his wolf. Too bad she’s not a shifter.
“I’d change everything for you.”