Wednesday, 22 March 2017

#Instafreebie: 138 Free Scifi & Fantasy eBooks Just For You!

Silent Queen by Carrie Summers
Words have power–everyone knows that. What few realize is the power that lies in silence.
Incapable of speech, Leesa lived in isolated silence for sixteen years. But now she’s met Eron. Through an inexplicable ability, her beloved can hear her thoughts. A member of a clandestine renegade group, Eron plans to free their city from tyranny. Unfortunately, when Leesa’s mistake exposes him, Eron is thrown in prison for life.
Leesa will do anything to free her beloved. But when disquieting magic, backstabbing politics, and a shocking murder complicate her quest, she may face the same fate as Eron. Or worse, the gallows.
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Blank by Matt Eaton
When Australian special forces soldier Stone Luckman rescues marooned
surfer Mel Palace from a collapsing Gold Coast high rise, she tells him
she’s been expecting him for weeks.
Later, she claims she can read minds.
If his own insanity meter wasn’t off the register, he’d suspect she had
a screw loose. But then lately he’s been having visions of an Aboriginal
spirit man who is strangely connected to global events.
There are those who say the Earth has fallen victim to a terrible act of
God. To China and America, however, it’s a declaration of war. Each
accuses the other of being responsible.
The head of Australian Defence Intelligence sends Luckman into the
desert to the joint US-Australian base at Pine Gap on an audacious
mission to end the threat of nuclear war. But if it backfires, Luckman
will be branded a terrorist and left to take the rap.
Luckman is compelled to take Mel on the journey, though for the life of
him he doesn’t know why.
He’s about to find out.
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Blood and Beauty and Other Weird Tales by Jeff Chapman
Collects six short stories of fantasy and weirdness. Fans of Edgar Allan Poe, H. P. Lovecraft, Greek mythology, and biblical-inspired fantasy will find something interesting.
“Blood and Beauty” tells the tragic love story of a satyr and a dryad.
“Sutter’s Well” records the weird encounter between two boys and a Lovecraftian monster in Appalachia.
“Morphine and Chocolate” draws inspiration from the medieval poem Pearl as it follows a father’s search for his missing daughter from one weird landscape to another.
“The Facts in the Case of M. Hussman” takes inspiration from Edgar Allan Poe and records the horrific consequences of artificially extending life in a steampunk world.
“Shafts to Hell” returns to the Old West and takes the reader inside the mind of an insane miner.
“Good King David” combines the tales of Hamlet and Absalom in a Biblical fantasy world.
Download "Blood and Beauty and Other Weird Tales" by Jeff Chapman

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