Tuesday, 14 March 2017

New Children's Book: Meeting Moses by Robert Chasin

meeting heroes
The Perfect Children’s Gift for Easter and Passover
Meeting Moses, the first in a brand-new series of kids’ picture books, is releasing just in time to delight children ages 5-8 this Easter and Passover season. Author Robert Chasin and illustrator Matt Roussel are excited to team up for the Meeting Bible Heroes series, which introduces kids to important Bible characters from the Old Testament in an entertaining manner.
“I cannot think of anything more rewarding than inspiring children to look within, and to develop their own special relationship with God. My intention with Meeting Moses has been to create a fun story for kids, while providing them with excellent role models, and positive life messages,” said Chasin.
In Meeting Moses, a boy named Max accidentally travels to Ancient Egypt in his father’s time machine. There, he meets a young Moses and the two quickly become friends. Together, they experience events from the book of Exodus, overcome obstacles, and learn to have faith in God. Meeting Moses is a great way to inspire kids to want to learn more about the Bible.
Rated as “Faith Based Friendly” for all ages by the Dove Foundation, Meeting Moses is an excellent teaching tool for parents, religious schools and for homeschooling; especially with free download materials from the publisher’s website. Parents will also like that Max’s friends who will be joining him on upcoming adventures, learn to deal with their own issues such as low self-esteem, fear and anger.