Tuesday, 21 March 2017

New Crime Fction from Thomas Hall: No Loose Ends

Brighton Publishing releases “No Loose Ends” from novelist
Thomas Hall
“Shaped from the skilled pen of a master storyteller, novelist Thomas Hall once again spins a richly textured story that ratchets the tension tight and keeps you on the edge of your seat.
Brighton Publishing LLC proudly announces the print release of novelist Thomas Hall’s latest novel, No Loose Ends. In this follow-up to his fast-paced novels, Hidden and Nothing as it Seems, novelist Thomas Hall once again pits the heroic Walker and Munoz against the bad guys. No Loose Ends is now available through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other leading Book retailers in eBook and print. Distribution is through Ingram Content Group, the world’s largest wholesale book distributor.
Synopsis: Walker and Munoz are back... and this time it’s personal.
When Maddie Walker’s friend, Samantha “Sam” Daniels, fails to show up for a final exam and a community service project, the teenager is convinced that something is seriously wrong, and takes it upon herself to look into it. She initially lies to her father and puts herself in a potentially dangerous situation. When all of her efforts fail to uncover Sam’s whereabouts, Maddie finally asks her father, retired FBI agent Craig Walker, to look into her friend’s disappearance. After venting his parental frustration over his daughter’s uncharacteristic behavior, Walker listens to Maddie’s concerns and eventually agrees to launch his own investigation – primarily to assuage his daughter’s worries.
It quickly becomes apparent as Walker investigates that Sam Daniels’ backstory is a complicated and troubling one. He shields his daughter as much as possible from this information and is almost ready to give up, when new evidence comes to light that suggests Sam is being held against her will.
Walker still has connections at the FBI, and he convinces his former commander to allow him to open an official investigation. Walker gets permission to partner with Detective Dave Munoz and another retired FBI agent Peter Stansky, and the three investigators find evidence that the disappearance of Sam Daniels is just the tip of the iceberg.
“Shaped from the skilled pen of a master storyteller, novelist Thomas Hall once again spins a richly textured story that ratchets the tension tight and keeps you on the edge of your seat.” said Brighton Publishing LLC.
Thomas Hall is a former English teacher and middle school and high school principal. Two of the schools where he was the principal received national recognition for their academic excellence. He and his wife Marcia live in Central Massachusetts. They have three adult children.
Mr. Hall was born on Long Island, New York and lived there for the first seventeen years of his life before his family moved to Massachusetts. After graduating from high school he received a full athletic scholarship to Northeastern University for track. He received his Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees from Northeastern.
Although writing has always been a passion, he limited his efforts to short stories and non-fiction articles until after he retired and had sufficient time to tackle a novel.
His first book “Hidden” was published in 2013, and after receiving much acclaim in the literary industry, established Tom as a recognized professional author. His second published work “Nothing as it Seems” was released in 2015 continuing his success. “No Loose Ends” is Tom’s third work in the Walker-Munoz Series.
When Mr. Hall is not writing, he enjoys reading, going to the movies, jogging, and playing softball. Over the past several years he has participated in numerous Senior Softball tournaments throughout the United States and Canada.