Tuesday, 7 March 2017

New Romantic Thriller: The Curse of the Werck Family by Valéria Lopes

Life moved swiftly, after the tragic and mysterious death of the Werck ancestors in Southern France. The year is 1539, in enchanting Paris. The curse of the Werck family renews itself with the birth of the twins Barbara and Leonard. Souls are reborn in this life, united by a deep love. 

In this chapter of their endless love, they will reunite friends and enemies, so that through relationships they have new opportunities of learning and forgiveness––encounters which evoke profound feelings of love, hate, envy, faith, and resignation. 

Unforeseen events will trigger a series of inquiries into the lives of the Wercks. Investigations that go back to the Inquisition, witches, and burnings at stake, taking the characters in this drama to surprising findings, and circumstances.

An unexpected turn of events occurred along this extraordinary romantic saga, where the situations presented by the wheel of life direct the destiny of each person involved. Each will experience moments of happiness, pain, despair and untold suffering, which ends up chiseling their spirits…

Until the siblings manage to find peace and finally reach… brotherly love, friends love, motherly love, compassionate love, eternal love … of eternal souls.