Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Review: The Sacrifice by Alec Caruso


London, England. Dr. Ted Conway has committed suicide.

A case that should be easily closed.

After a forced break, Detective Inspector Rei Yoshima is thrust back into work, overseeing the suicide of Dr. Conway, only to discover that things with this case is not what it seems to be. Trying to determine the unforeseeable truths from hidden lies, clues start finding their way together. As the case begins to unravel, it forces Yoshima into a whirlwind of discoveries, sending her to Cologne, Germany.


What a thrilling and enticing book!

The suspense is quite riveting, keeping you truly invested in the story and plot line. Yoshima, and her story, is quite fascinating.  You're rooting for her to overcome her demons.

The story starts in England, where you are captivated by the murder of Dr. Ted Conway.  When another murder, in Cologne, comes up and adds to the already intriguing plot, you feel more invested in how the story will come together.

A truly tantalizing and amazingly well written book!! I absolutely believe that you should all read this book!

5 stars

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