Sunday, 5 March 2017

#Sale: Beautiful Dangerous by Penny Dee

For a limited time only

 Come on tour with the biggest band in the world
✔ Fly in a Gulfstream jet
 Stay in 5-star hotels (and one seedy motel)
 Indulge in a little rock n roll mayhem
 And be swept off your feet by the hottest guitarist in the world
It seemed like a good idea at the time. Get over my break-up by having a one-night stand with a rock ‘n’ roll hottie and move on with my life. Going on tour as the official photographer to the world’s number one band was not part of the plan. 
Have you ever dreamed of being plucked out of the crowd by one of the hottest rock stars in the world?
I didn't even know who Ozstryker were when my reckless sister Beth dragged me along to their concert. I went solely to keep her out of trouble, not for me to get tangled up with the famous guitarist renowned for his magnificent shirtless torso and talented fast hands. 
I had no intention of becoming a groupie, let alone anything else. But when Jax Ozstryker invited me on a date, I decided it was time for a little fun. Not that the night ended how I had planned – or how he planned, for that matter – I got a job and he didn't get laid.
So now I’m on tour with the biggest band in the world with my crazy, unpredictable sister for company and a beautiful dangerous attraction for my new boss. I never dreamed life could be so crazy. Or complicated. 
But this is life on the road – where nothing makes sense and everything is possible.