Thursday, 30 March 2017

#SneakPeek: Just An Illusion by D. Kelly

Have I ever told you how sexy you are when you’re being domestic?”
“Uh … no, I can’t say you have,” I answer with a laugh.
“Put the tray on the floor, Amelia.” Noah’s words are commanding, his eyes smoldering. I do as he says and he pulls me to him, placing my hand on his cock. “So fucking sexy,” he murmurs as he pulls me on top of him. His lips are pressed against my neck as he licks and sucks his way to the spot right below my ear that sets my body ablaze.
“Noah …” I want this, but he hasn’t been cleared yet. “We can’t do this yet, babe. You need to follow up with your doctor.”
He moves his hands to my hips and slams me against his raging hard-on. “What if I promise to lie back and let you do all the work? I’ll be a good boy, Mel, I promise.” Before I answer him, he’s sliding his hand down the front of my yoga pants and inside my underwear.
Latching on to his earlobe with my teeth, his fingers slide through my wetness and circle my clit. My whimpers escalate to cries as he increases the pressure. “You’re so fucking wet for me, babe.”
I know this is a bad idea, but I also know he’s feeling much better. Moving my hands to the hem of his shirt, I pull it off and slide off his knees and onto the floor to undo his belt. He beats me to the button and zipper of his jeans, freeing his cock, the head glistening with moisture.
Sucking him in slowly, I allow my tongue to circle the head while licking his essence off seductively. Following his pulsing veins down to the base of his cock and back up again, I tease the tip with my tongue before releasing him.
“Lie back,” I instruct, turning to the dresser to get a condom.
Walking back to the bed, I begin stripping as he watches with a hooded gaze. He managed to remove the rest of his clothes while I was getting the condom and is now stroking himself. My pussy clenches as I stand at the foot of the bed watching him. We don’t need to even have sex; watching him would totally get me off.
“Are you going to watch? Or are you going to come while you ride?” He snickers at the indecision on my face. “Come on, Mel, ride me like you own me.”
Within seconds, I’m ripping the condom open and sliding it on his erection. I’m on top now, straddling him, but before I guide him inside me, I ask him a very important question. “Do I?”
“Do you what?” he asks breathlessly.
“Do I own you, Noah?”
As he moves his hands to my hips, he pulls me down onto his length and groans in pleasure. “You’re the only person who ever has.”
Leaning forward, I take his lips in mine. Noah moves one hand to the small of my back and the other remains on my hip. He guides our movements but I’m still in control. With every thrust he hits my G-spot while I cry out into his mouth, never breaking our kiss. Soon, I’m screaming as I clench around him. Noah doesn’t miss a beat, his cock pulsing inside me as he finds his own release.
As I collapse against him, my head lands on his chest. Noah runs his fingers through my hair as I listen to the rapid beat of his heart begin to eventually slow back to normal. The last thing I want to do is move, but I know he needs to get the condom off before it falls off inside of me.
After I roll over, Noah throws away the condom and brings back a towel to clean me up. It’s quiet between us when he finally asks, “What are you thinking?”
With a smile, I trace my finger across his bottom lip, not wanting to hold anything back from him any longer. “That was incredible, Noah. It’s never … I mean, it’s always, but …” Shit, I don’t even know how to tell him, but he knows; Noah always seems to know everything.
“The best sex ever? Yeah, it was.” 


MORE About Just An Illusion

Three life-altering months …
That’s how long it’s been since Amelia Greyson joined the Just an Illusion Tour with Bastards and Dangerous. She’s made new friends, embraced her past, and even found love. 
Back on the road …
Following a tragic situation, Amelia is determined to hit the road, put her life in order, and finish the book she was hired to write. Mel’s not the only one affected by what happened; the men of BAD are all trying to move forward, not wanting the past to ruin the remainder of their farewell tour.
Brother vs Brother …
Tensions are high on the Weston brothers’ bus. As each brother settles into their role in Amelia’s life, secrets threaten to rip their relationship to shreds. Can Noah and Sawyer find a way to save the brotherly bond they share? Or will the woman of their dreams end up tearing them apart for good? 




D. Kelly, author of The Acceptance Series, The Illusion Series, and standalone companion novels Chasing Cassidy and Sharing Rylee, was born and raised in Southern California. She’s a wife, mom, dog lover, taxi, problem fixer, and extreme multi-tasker. She married her high school sweetheart and is her kids’ biggest fan.
Kelly has been writing since she was young and took joy in spinning stories to her childhood friends. Margaritas and sarcasm make her smile, she loves the beach but hates the sand, and she believes Starbucks makes any day better.
A contemporary romance writer, D. Kelly’s stories revolve around friendship and the bond it creates, strengthening the love of the people who share it. For all things D. Kelly, you can visit her website: