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#SneakPeek: WORTHWHILE By Lynne Silver

He closed the distance between them, held her by her upper arms and walked her backward to the bed until her butt was down on the mattress and he loomed over her. "I was thinking that I want to toss you on the bed, pull off those tight pants-total cock tease, by the way-and plunge my dick into your wet pussy until you're begging to come."

She couldn't find a response other than her body saying yes please.

"Not the thoughts of a virgin, huh?" he asked.

"I'm hardly a virgin."

He knelt between her parted legs and ran his palms up her thighs, letting his thumbs come to rest at the juncture, inches from where she was getting damp with want. "You might've given out a few favors in high school, Olivia, but that was a long time ago. For what I have in mind, you are most definitely innocent."

She leaned back, pushing her bottom into his fingers. "Tell me more. Teach me."

His thumbs pushed over the spandex, exactly where she was most desperate, and she moaned. "Do that again. This time without my pants." She shifted to tug off her leggings, but he caught her and held her arms immobile.

"I wasn't finished. You wanted to know what I was thinking." His face was inches from hers, and her wide eyes looked directly into his grey ones.

Her lips parted, and she whispered, "More." More touching? More talking? She didn't know. All she knew was she wanted more of the man who was caging her against the bed.

"First I'm going to take those lips again. And that little tongue you keep using to lick your lips? It's going to be licking mine."

Involuntarily, her tongue shot out to lick her lips and he caught it with his mouth, meeting the movement with his own tongue. Her hips rose instinctively, trying to feel him pressed against her, but he only let the kiss go on for a few minutes.

He reared back, and she knew she'd forever remember his hooded gaze, his tousled hair, and the intensity of his expression that bespoke of wild dirty things not talked about and only done in the cover of the darkest night. She wanted everything his expression promised.

"Then what?" she whispered.

"Then I move my lips lower, and we ditch your shirt and bra. What color are your nipples, sweet Olivia?" His finger traced the swollen bud, obvious through the thin cotton of her shirt. "Pink? Tan? Either way, they're fucking delicious, and I'm going to lick them...taste them...bite them."

He bent his head and gently, so gently, he bit down on one of her nipples, eliciting a unique kind of pleasure pain she'd never felt before. The ham-handed boys in high school thought breasts were like a gearshift on a car, the whole thing needing to be grasped in their hand and squeezed and moved around.

Drew was a man, who knew to tease her slowly and carefully, one nipple at a time. She rose up on her elbows, to give him better access to her chest, but he pulled back. "I'm not done yet."

"There's more?" She immediately felt like an idiot. Of course there was more. She was technically a virgin, but she'd also been easy with her body.

Drew smiled. "We've barely gotten started, baby." He moved lower on her body, pushing kisses on her breastbone, her belly, then directly over her belly button. He paused when his mouth was over her pubic bone. "I haven't had dessert yet."


"I tasted your mouth. My appetizer. Your breasts. The main course. Now it's dessert time, and I'm a man who likes his sweets. And you'll be sweet, Olivia. Sweet like honey, dripping between the lips of your pussy onto my tongue."

"Dios mio." Her head fell back against the pillow and she closed her eyes. She was going to explode before Drew ever got her naked. How did he have the patience to go this slow? She wanted to rip her clothes off, jump on him and ride his dick. If she could ever get him to stop talking and start doing.

"Patience, baby."

"Drew." She muttered in Spanish about him wasting time when they could be screwing, and that if she were home alone with her fingers, she would've already come twice. She gave him the dirty talk, knowing he wouldn't understand it. "Please. I want you."

Her begging must've done the trick, because he rose over her, and tore his T-shirt off, then attacked her clothes. Together, they tugged, tore and threw clothes off their bodies and all around the room until they were naked, skin to skin in his narrow bed.


MORE About Worthwhile

The biggest player in town is about to meet his match.

Bienvenidos a Miami! Welcome to the hottest party scene in the U.S.. Where one sexy man in the 305 is about to meet a woman who tempts him to change his wicked ways. And for him, she may be willing to get a little naughty—or a lot.

Drew Weaver is co-owner of the hottest club in Miami, with all the women he wants--until his sick mother moves in with him. With his serial hookups on hold, he expects his social life to sag under the weight of responsibility. But after spending time with his mother and her pretty home health aide, Olivia, this playboy discovers being a homebody may just be the hottest, sweetest deal of all.

Until a rival makes it his mission to tear them apart.

Olivia Rodriguez is the daughter of Colombian immigrants with old-fashioned ideas that she should live at home until she marries a man they approve of. She rebelled in high school with boys--lots of boys. Now a nurse, she's sworn off men, especially Javier, a man who has her parent’s approval. But Javier doesn’t ring her bells. Not like Drew, the handsome, cocky son of her client, who does his best to break down her walls. He is the one guy she can't resist, in any way.

But when Javier shows her evidence of Drew's betrayal, should she give up on him…or is their love and passion worth fighting for? 

releasing March 20th




Lynne Silver is the author of sexy contemporary romance such as the popular Alpha Heroes and Coded for Love series. She absolutely loves to travel and explore new cities. She has a slight (huge) addiction to donuts, fancy purses, romance novels and video games. She lives in Washington, DC, with her husband and two sons. She loves connecting with readers so please find her on social media.

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