Thursday, 2 March 2017

Unpredictable Dare by McKenna Jeffries

Unpredictable Dare by McKenna Jeffries
When a man comes into her path she doesn’t know what to make of him and will need to decide if she wants to embrace the unpredictable dare…

Nolan James enjoys her life and doesn’t need anything to change. But it seems like fate has other plans, one she sure as heck isn’t going to go along with it. Now someone just needs to tell Alec that and convince him to walk away. The man is determined and stubborn—two traits she herself possesses. Traits she knows so well and once she has her mind made up there is no dissuading her. She just hopes Alec doesn’t have his mind made up yet since she needs him to back off.…maybe. Nolan doesn’t know if she wants to pursue something with him or walk away since it will lead to heartache. 

Alec Wendell knows what he wants—Nolan James. She’s skittish and he needs to gain her trust. He’s not used to building something with someone. Something he wants more than anything he ever has. It’ll take a lot of maneuvering but he’s good at doing what is necessary to get what he needs and he needs to make Nolan his. 

Nolan plans to walk away from him but…finds she’s drawn to Alec. Should she give into the unpredictable dare?