Tuesday, 4 April 2017

A Witch in the Family - A New Look at What Led to the Salem Witch Trials by Stephen Hawley Martin

Discovery by University of Virginia Researchers Prompts New Look at What Led to the Salem Witch Trials
Findings by U.Va. researchers have compelled author Stephen Hawley Martin to reconsider what led to the witch hysteria that ravaged the Massachusetts Bay Colony in 1692. Amazon is offering the Kindle edition of the book revealing his conclusions free through April 8.
Richmond, VA—Stephen Hawley Martin, a direct descendent of a victim of the Salem witch trials, says new evidence has come to light that has prompted him to update, revise, and add to the award-winning book he wrote in 2006, which attempted to identify the root cause of the 1692 witch hysteria that ravaged the Massachusetts Bay Colony.
“Many historians maintain the so-called ‘afflicted’ that accused others of witchcraft were faking their symptoms,” Martin said. “I didn’t think so in 2006, and I certainly don’t now. The findings revealed by U.Va. provide the missing piece of the puzzle that causes the others to fall into place.”
Nineteen were hanged during the course of the trials, one was crushed to death, and five died in prison. Martin’s seven-times-great grandmother, Susannah North Martin, was hanged on July 19, 1692. His book, A Witch in the Family, won the Writer’s Digest Book Award for Personal Stories in addition to other awards and has maintained a 4.5 Star rating on Amazon over the years. The Kindle eBook version of the new edition is being offered free on Amazon through April 8.
Stephen Hawley Martin is a professional writer and ghostwriter, the winner of half a dozen national awards for his work, and the Editor and Publisher of The Oaklea Press. Visit The Oaklea Press website to find out how you can work with him to bring your book to reality.