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Sweeter Than Sunshine by Olivia MilesSweeter Than Sunshine By Olivia Miles
With her heart in shambles and her beloved ice cream parlor falling apart, Mary Harris is just about ready to give up. But will the charming single dad next door have her second-guessing everything? A warm, buoyant read! 
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Chick Lit
The Parent–Child Dance by Ronald Kotkin and Aubrey FineThe Parent–Child Dance By Ronald Kotkin and Aubrey Fine
Learn how to take the lead in the complicated dance between parent and child! This unique, insightful manual will help you effect positive change and bring stability and harmony into your kid’s life. 
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Anne Perry: The Murder of the Century by Peter GrahamAnne Perry: The Murder of the Century By Peter Graham
In 1954, Juliet Hulme and Pauline Parker committed a crime that sent shock waves around the world and left many wondering about their motives. One of those girls would go on to become an award-winning mystery author. “Eye-opening” (Library Journal). 
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True Crime
2017 Young Explorer’s Adventure Guide by Collected Authors2017 Young Explorer’s Adventure Guide By Collected Authors
Tumble forward in time with this “diverse collection of futuristic stories” (Kirkus Reviews). These imaginative, entertaining tales take young readers to exciting landscapes — from starships to Mars! 
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Middle Grade
The Tattered Gloves by J.L. BergThe Tattered Gloves By J.L. Berg
From a USA Today bestselling author comes an achingly beautiful story: After enduring years of parental abuse, Willow moves to a small town to live with her estranged aunt. Can she find the courage to open herself up to new beginnings — and the possibility of real love? 
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Teen and Young Adult
Sands by Kevin L. NielsenSands By Kevin L. Nielsen
When serpentine monsters attack her desert home, Lhaurel defends herself with weapons — and is sentenced to death by her clan. Saved by a rival tribe, Lhaurel will soon discover her true powers as the fate of her people hangs in the balance. 
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Bones of the Earth by Michael SwanwickBones of the Earth By Michael Swanwick
A Hugo Award nominee from “one of science fiction’s very best writers” (Nancy Kress): When a stranger appears in paleontologist Richard Leyster’s office with the head of a stegosaurus — and an offer to travel back in time — their meeting may have dire consequences for humanity. “Terrific” (Greg Bear). 
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Science Fiction
Sit, Stay, Love by Dana MentinkSit, Stay, Love By Dana Mentink
Cal, an irritable baseball star, is far from the man of Gina’s dreams. But when he inherits an aging dog named Tippy, Gina finds herself unexpectedly falling in love. A fun-filled, inspirational romance! 
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Christian Fiction
A Common Ground by Todd OutcaltA Common Ground By Todd Outcalt
Despite their differences, the world’s great religions share many timeless ideas. This collection of parables from Buddhism, Christianity, Islam, Judaism, and other faiths will inspire readers who want to deepen their spiritual lives. 
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Religion and Spirituality
Diabetic Cookbook for Two by Jennifer KosloDiabetic Cookbook for Two By Jennifer Koslo
A diabetes diagnosis doesn’t have to mean resigning yourself or a loved one to a lifetime of flavorless meals. These 125 delicious, healthy recipes — complete with nutritional information — will impress anyone, regardless of dietary restrictions. 
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The Romanovs by Virginia CowlesThe Romanovs By Virginia Cowles
An engrossing account: This portrait of one of the most enigmatic families in history details the Romanovs’ excesses, secrets, and violent end. “Recounted at great speed and with splendid life, vigor, and readability” (Evening Standard). 
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Biographies and Memoirs
Free State of Jones and the Echo of the Black Horn by Thomas Jefferson Knight and Ethel KnightFree State of Jones and the Echo of the Black Horn By Thomas Jefferson Knight and Ethel Knight
In Civil War–era Mississippi, Captain Newt Knight took over a town and created a groundbreaking mixed-race community. Featuring perspectives from two of Knight’s descendants, this gripping history reveals his life and lasting impact. Now a major motion picture! 
$2.99 $11.13 
Bold by Irvin FinauBold By Irvin Finau
Learn to harness the power of charisma! The tips and tricks in this Wall Street Journal bestseller will help you become a master of conversation and leave an impression on everyone you meet. 
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Advice and How-To
Somewhere in France by Jennifer RobsonSomewhere in France By Jennifer Robson
For fans of Downton Abbey: Stifled by social expectations, Lady Elizabeth volunteers as an ambulance driver on the western front. There she finds love amid the carnage — but will her hopes melt away in the crucible of war? 
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Historical Fiction
The Trouble with Before by Portia MooreThe Trouble with Before By Portia Moore
Lisa’s past mistakes ruined her relationship with her childhood friend Aidan. But when Lisa returns home after years away, will they discover new feelings for one another?
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New Adult Romance
Colton by Audra Cole and KB WintersColton By Audra Cole and KB Winters
Army Ranger Colton Hawkins is determined to find a wife — and Karena Harper is looking for a change. Are either of them ready for the unpredictable adventure of a modern-day marriage of convenience? A delectable romance! 
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New Adult Romance
SEALs of Honor: Mason by Dale MayerSEALs of Honor: Mason By Dale Mayer
After losing her brother, Tesla creates a lifesaving program and swears that she won’t get close to a military man ever again. But when others come after her project, she’ll need the help of elite Navy SEAL Mason. A pulse-pounding romantic suspense novel! 
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Romantic Suspense
The Star Princess by Susan GrantThe Star Princess By Susan Grant
As a prince, Ché Vedla dutifully awaits an arranged marriage. But while on a trip to Earth, he falls for beautiful, feisty Ilana. Can these two opposites write their own destiny? 
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Paranormal Romance
The Jade Lioness by Christina CourtenayThe Jade Lioness By Christina Courtenay
Longing to escape England, Temperance disguises herself as a boy and takes a position with the Dutch East India Company in Japan. When a samurai catches her swimming one day, their chemistry is undeniable… 
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Historical Romance
Loki by Keira MontclairLoki By Keira Montclair
A breathtaking historical romance: As a boy, Loki was living in a crate when his adoptive parents found him. As a man, he calls the Highlands home — but he must uncover the truth about his past if he’s to marry beautiful Arabella… With over 100 five-star reviews on Amazon! 
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Historical Romance
Star Dust by Emma Barry and Genevieve TurnerStar Dust By Emma Barry and Genevieve Turner
When Anne-Marie moves to Houston, she can’t deny her attraction to Kit, the fast-living astronaut next door. But when the space race collides with their desires, can their unlikely love achieve liftoff? 
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American Historical Romance
Passionate Bid by Tierney O’MalleyPassionate Bid By Tierney O’Malley
After taking her virginity, Julian marries Joanie out of obligation, only to abandon her the next day. When he asks for a divorce years later, he rediscovers his irresistible attraction to her… 
$0.99 $4.52 
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Erotic Romance
The Masquerading Groom by Taylor HartThe Masquerading Groom By Taylor Hart
When Sayla Jones is set up as the fake date of billionaire movie star Sterling Pennington, she’s clear that nothing unprofessional will happen between them. But after spending time together, will they be ready for more? 
$1.32 $3.77 
Contemporary Romance
Stripping the Billionaire by Noelle AdamsStripping the Billionaire By Noelle Adams
Mandy becomes friends with her next-door neighbor Ben — who has successfully hidden the fact that he’s the heir to a corporate empire. But when Mandy accompanies him to his mother’s house, the truth is bound to come out… 
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Contemporary Romance
ARKANE Thrillers: Books 1–3 by J.F. PennARKANE Thrillers: Books 1–3 By J.F. Penn
USA Today bestselling box set! Secret agent Morgan Sierra risks her life to thwart ancient conspiracies and save the world from disaster in this high-octane collection. 
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Action and Adventure
Maximum Guilt by Terry KeysMaximum Guilt By Terry Keys
Detective David Porter is after a heinous criminal: a serial killer who leaves behind a trail of disfigured bodies. And when David’s own daughter goes missing, he’ll have to use all of his skills in the highest-stakes chase of his life. 
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Malevolent by Jana DeLeonMalevolent By Jana DeLeon
From a New York Times bestselling author: PI Shaye Archer takes on the baffling case of Emma Frederick, a woman convinced that her abusive husband is out to get her. Except Emma killed her husband years ago… With over 700 five-star Amazon reviews. 
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Crime Fiction
The Stone House Secret by Debra BurroughsThe Stone House Secret By Debra Burroughs
When she’s assigned to cover a murder, reporter Jenessa Jones jumps at the chance — until her aunt becomes the prime suspect. Jenessa must enlist the help of her detective boyfriend, Michael, to clear her aunt’s name… and stop the killer from making Jenessa his next victim. 
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Cozy Mysteries