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Her Forbidden Knight by Carly FallHer Forbidden Knight By Carly Fall
After a strange event occurs in the sky above her town, baker Arabella finds herself face-to-face with gorgeous Jayden, a man from the distant past. Aware that his time with her will be brief, Jayden has just seven days to convince Bella of their passionate connection — or lose her forever. 
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Time Travel Romance
Till Beth Do Us Part by Saxon Bennett and Layce GardnerTill Beth Do Us Part By Saxon Bennett and Layce Gardner
A hilarious romp: When amateur PI Jamie Bravo gets a call from her ex-girlfriend about a dead body, she’s thrown headfirst into a baffling mystery! But with an ugly dog playing sidekick and a gorgeous policewoman on the scene, nothing will stop Jamie from untangling the case. 
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Head over Heels by Crystal B. BrightHead over Heels By Crystal B. Bright
After baseball star Thane loses his adoptive mother, he falls into grief. But when sports agent and single mom Kari attempts to recruit him, the two kindred souls begin to forge a new path of love and forgiveness. 
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African American Interest
Roses by Rose ManneringRoses By Rose Mannering
A “powerful retelling” (School Library Journal): Cursed with a freakish, fantastical appearance, Beauty flees her magical homeland to find refuge in the distant Hillands. There, she encounters friendship, destiny — and the Beast. “Lyrical, remarkably unusual… Beautifully written” (Kirkus Reviews). 
$2.99 $13.79 
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Teen and Young Adult
Blackwell by Alexandrea Weis with Lucas AstorBlackwell By Alexandrea Weis with Lucas Astor
“An intriguing, dark tale” (RT Book Reviews): When Magnus Blackwell is betrayed by a close friend, he travels to the underbelly of New Orleans on a quest to learn powerful magic. With his soul blackened by forbidden arts, will he have his revenge? 
$1.99 $8.81 
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Supernatural Suspense
Blackwater Lights by Michael M. HughesBlackwater Lights By Michael M. Hughes
Forgotten nightmares of a childhood summer camp float through Ray’s memories. When he attempts to locate it, records indicate that the place never existed — but something is stirring there… “Disturbing, surreal, and spooky as hell” (New York Times bestselling author Tim Lebbon). 
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Feyland: The Complete Trilogy by Anthea SharpFeyland: The Complete TrilogyBy Anthea Sharp
What if a game was actually a gateway to the world of faeries? Jennet Carter soon finds herself battling the Dark Queen, falling for the perfect hero, and trying to save her world from unspeakable danger! An addictive trilogy. 
$0.99 $9.99 
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The Evaran Chronicles Box Set: Books 1–3 by Adair HartThe Evaran Chronicles Box Set: Books 1–3 By Adair Hart
After escaping from an alien starship, Dr. Albert Snowden and his niece Emily join an enigmatic being named Evaran on a mind-blowing journey across dimensions… An enthralling read for fans of time travel and adventure! 
$1.32 $10.07 
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Science Fiction
Pam of Babylon by Suzanne JenkinsPam of Babylon By Suzanne Jenkins
“Intriguing” (Kirkus Reviews): This poignant tale follows Pam, a beautiful Long Island housewife who learns of her husband’s dark secrets only after his sudden death. 
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Women's Fiction
When a Man Loves a Woman by Belle CalhouneWhen a Man Loves a Woman By Belle Calhoune
As the last unmarried Donahue brother, Mac has had enough of his family’s meddlesome matchmaking. But when he connects with Delilah Dalton while searching for his missing sister, he discovers that true love may bloom in the most unlikely of places! A heartfelt Christian romance. 
$1.32 $3.97 
Christian Fiction
Women at the Cross by Linda LesniewskiWomen at the Cross By Linda Lesniewski
Seven women witnessed the Crucifixion. Who were they — and what can you learn from them? In this insightful read, women’s minister Linda Lesniewski seeks to answer these questions and demonstrate how these extraordinary figures can inspire you. 
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Christian Nonfiction
The Essential Wok Cookbook by Naomi Imatome-YunThe Essential Wok Cookbook By Naomi Imatome-Yun
Wall Street Journal bestseller! With this versatile cookbook and a trusty wok, you can learn to make your favorite Chinese dishes at home in no time. 
$1.32 $4.82 
The Best of American Heritage: Hamilton by Edwin S. GrosvenorThe Best of American Heritage: Hamilton By Edwin S. Grosvenor
In this meticulously researched tome, multiple historians chronicle the life and impact of Founding Father Alexander Hamilton, from his unconventional childhood to his tragically infamous death. 
$1.99 $12.59 
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Dear Mister Essay Writer Guy by Dinty W. MooreDear Mister Essay Writer Guy By Dinty W. Moore
An essayist demystifies the craft of writing in his answers to questions sent in by Cheryl Strayed, Roxane Gay, and more! Collect need-to-know tips for being a successful — and happy — writer with this “brilliantly instructive and wonderfully entertaining” guide (Library Journal starred review). 
$1.99 $10.99 
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Advice and How-To
The Eighteenth Captain by Nicholas NicastroThe Eighteenth Captain By Nicholas Nicastro
As revolution rocks America and France, naval commander John Paul Jones must contend with warfare, intrigue, and love. A rollicking, page-turning novel sure to delight! 
$0.99 $3.99 
Historical Fiction
The Hostage Bargain by Annika MartinThe Hostage Bargain By Annika Martin
When Melinda is kidnapped by three smoking-hot bank robbers, she discovers a luxurious new lifestyle. But will she be able to win over the hearts of her captors? 
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New Adult Romance
The Darkest Torment by Gena ShowalterThe Darkest Torment By Gena Showalter
From a New York Times bestselling author hailed as “one of the premier authors of paranormal romance” (Kresley Cole): After entering into a loveless marriage, Katarina is kidnapped by sexy immortal Baden — who harbors a monster within. They should hate each other, but their chemistry is off the charts! 
$1.99 $6.99 
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Paranormal Romance
Salt Bride by Lucinda BrantSalt Bride By Lucinda Brant
When the Earl of Salt Hendon marries commoner Jane, the newlyweds face social disapproval and intrigue. Both were forced into the marriage, but can they try to make the best of it — and even find love? 
$1.99 $7.55 
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Historical Romance
How to Capture a Duke by Bianca BlytheHow to Capture a Duke By Bianca Blythe
Fiona promises to introduce her dying grandmother to her secret fiancé… but she’ll have to find one first. When she crosses paths with Percival, the handsome new Duke of Alfriston, will he agree to a make-believe engagement? 
Free! $5.38 
Historical Romance
Heart of Light by T.K. LeighHeart of Light By T.K. Leigh
From a USA Today bestselling author: Jolene Bergio spent years as the captive of a man who made every moment a nightmare. When Dr. Cameron Bowen offers her a lifeline, will she have the courage to take it? With over 1,000 five-star ratings on Goodreads. 
$0.99 $3.77 
Dark Romance & Erotica
The Tycoon’s Revenge by Melody AnneThe Tycoon’s Revenge By Melody Anne
From a New York Times bestselling author: When billionaire Derek returns to his hometown, he discovers his first love, Jasmine, hiding a child he didn’t know he had. But this unlikely discovery leads them to rekindle an irresistible passion… With over 5,300 five-star ratings on Goodreads. 
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Erotic Romance
Next to You by Daisy PrescottNext to You By Daisy Prescott
When Stan needs a fake relationship, his next-door neighbor Sage agrees to play along. But then real sparks begin to fly… A USA Today bestselling author serves up a delightful contemporary romance! 
$0.99 $4.99 
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Contemporary Romance
Marrying His Best Friend by Jennifer GracenMarrying His Best Friend By Jennifer Gracen
Single mother Maura is forced to move back home to make ends meet. But when she winds up in a custody battle, her best friend, Aidan, proposes a fake marriage to help Maura keep her family together. A charming love story! 
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Contemporary Romance
The Irish End Games Box Set: Books 1–3 by Susan Kiernan-LewisThe Irish End Games Box Set: Books 1–3 By Susan Kiernan-Lewis
In the wake of a nuclear apocalypse, an American family stuck in Ireland struggles to survive. Follow their perilous journey in this captivating three-book set! 
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Action and Adventure
Michigan Roll by Tom KakonisMichigan Roll By Tom Kakonis
When former con man Timothy Waverly is dragged into a criminal scheme gone wrong, he’ll have to outsmart a ruthless hit man to escape with his life. “Classy, if brutal, crime entertainment” (Kirkus Reviews) from an author who “can really write” (Tony Hillerman). 
$1.33 $3.77 
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Private View by Meg Elizabeth AtkinsPrivate View By Meg Elizabeth Atkins
“A splendid piece of work” (The New York Times) from a “brilliant” writer (The Sunday Times): DCI Sheldon Hunter leaves a dead-end stolen art case unsolved… But four years later, a seemingly unrelated investigation leads him back to the crime. 
$0.99 $2.99 
Crime Fiction
The Big Lead by Libby KirschThe Big Lead By Libby Kirsch
A charming novel “full of humor, mystery, and romantic tension” (Kirkus Reviews): When reporter Stella moved to small-town Montana, she didn’t expect a murder investigation! But an innocent man needs her help — and there’s a high-profile conspiracy to uncover… 
Free! $2.99 
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Cozy Mysteries