Sunday, 23 April 2017


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Single mum Beth Woods is finally feeling settled. Her small business, making children’s chocolate bars is growing quickly, rather like Trey, her three year old son. What she doesn’t need right now is another man in her life.
But fate will always smack a girl upside the head and Trey’s father, Golf Instructor, Leo Coleman returns to upset her carefully ordered life. While she struggles with his reappearance, the Turner family decide to help. While Tim and Tyler Turner are sent to have lessons in golf, best friend Camille and her mum Dora will make sure Beth gets lessons in love.


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An emotionally injured veterinarian assistant tries to resist the heat of a blazing hot firefighter, but she can’t avoid the flames of his passion.
Veterinarian assistant Laura Lyons loves animals, loves her job, and is trying to love her life. But after her fiancé was killed in an accident seven years earlier, she shut everyone out, determined not to become attached. Laughing and pretending she has no problems without letting anyone know the real her is the easiest route.


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Fall for a Singer... A Drummer... A Guitar Man... The man who writes the music...
Fall in love with the Rock Stars who write and sing the music as well as the women who long to tame them.
Zinger by Nikki Lynn Barrett
Rock Me Softly by Lisa Kumar:
When The Lights Go Down by Krista Ames
She Came With The Tide by Viviana Mackade
What If by R.M. Duffy
Rock Steady by D’Ann Lindun


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Cooper Hensley is the perfect front man for Damaged Souls. After returning from his time as a Marine, all he wants to do is to bury himself into the rock and roll lifestyle with music, alcohol, and one night stands. Chasing sweet oblivion to numb his pain, nothing can rattle his carefully guarded heart . . . that is until Caylee Sawyer comes looking for the man she believes a hero, the best friend of her dead husband.