Sunday, 30 April 2017


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Cam steals mum Dora’s favourite date, announcing she’s holding a joint Christmas Day/Engagement Party with a buffet and no tree. Beth and Leo secretly plot to propose to each other during dessert. Brother Tyler intends to Vlog the event for his channel but is annoyed he has to share his birthday once again with Christmas.
That’s the plan. But Dora is manipulating everyone and causing chaos via an Elf on the Shelf. It just so happens that this Christmas someone is getting an extra present, one that won’t be unwrapped until Summer 2017. But with Cam declaring a Christmas Pudding free zone, who’s got a bun in the oven?


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"They want what they want and there isn't anyone that's going to stop them."
A Dirty Six Pack of Older Man, Younger Woman delights for a special price and for a limited time only. Table of Contents-
CEO in the Sand, Ace in the Hole, Teach Me, Alone with the Best Friend, Envy and The Contract.


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Will an ex-con’s dark past keep him from a second chance at romance?
Prison had been no walk in the park, and after I served my time for murder and stepped back into society, I had no idea what to expect.
Certainly not sweet Ally, my sister’s best friend.
I knew I should have left her alone.
But I just couldn’t help myself.
She was just too tempting.
I knew she still craved my touch, she tried to hide it, but her body betrayed her.
Just like the first time I put my hands on her virgin body.
The look of fear and disgust in her eyes shredded me, I knew she saw nothing but a criminal.
But I’d risk anything to protect her…even my freedom.


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Nicki Sosebee wants her first headline, but she doesn’t want it to read “Reporter found dead.”
Since leaving school years earlier, Nicki Sosebee has long since given up on the notion of The American Dream, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t still have dreams of her own. She realized early on that her college degree isn’t worth the paper it’s printed on, but she also knows that she doesn’t want to work for minimum wage the rest of her life.
She wants MORE.


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After a year of running and hiding from her family and an arranged marriage to her chanat leader, more than half of it never shifting out of her cougar form, Rebecca is found trespassing by Nick and his enforcer. He seems different, he seems to want to help her and protect her, but will he still want to when he knows her better? Rebecca knows that keeping her away from her father and his choice of husband for her may end in a war between Chanats, will Nick be willing to risk his people? Her instincts tell her that he could be her mate, but after running scared for so long can she let herself trust her instincts? How can she be sure that he won’t take her back to her father?


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Giselle Taylor is not a cow.
Yet, her parents plan to ship her off to a man who expects to breed with her like she is one. There's only one thing left to do: take her destiny into her own hands.
Perhaps she can't control her impending marriage, but she can control the state of herself when she does get married.
Enter Captain Jack Downey.
He buys her a drink at a seedy scrag and that's all it takes.
One night of passion and Giselle is ready to get married. But not to Jack Downey.