Saturday, 8 April 2017

New Children's Book: Spiffy Kids by J.R. Robinson

The Spiffy Kids give kids a fun-filled way to understand their feelings!
Announcing the Release of New Juvenile Fiction: Spiffy Kids!! Storybook of Feelings Collection by J. R. Robinson
Los Angeles, CA – J.R. Robinson’s newest children’s book, Spiffy Kids!! Storybook of Feelings Collection, features the Spiffy Kids—lovable characters like Mad, Shy, Happy and Sad—who help kids identify and cope with their feelings. The book has been published by London Publishing.
Spiffy Kids are the emotions people experience every day. This clever little book describes a child’s various emotions in a fun and entertaining way. It also gives children ways of dealing with these feelings and lets them know they are not alone—feelings are a constant companion!
Children will be immersed in the book’s vibrant illustrations and playful prose to help them enjoy the amazing moments that feelings bring to their lives. “Yep,” says the author, “those are your feelings, and don’t fret, because everyone has them. Without feelings life could never truly be as crazy or as magical as it is!” Spiffy Kids also helps children understand and cope with various emotions like anger and anxiety.
The Spiffy Kids were created by J.R. Robinson, who grew up with an important rule of thumb: Never completely lose what it is like to be a child. By using her imagination, she came up with a way to express herself, giving rise to fun characters that children can relate to.