Thursday, 27 April 2017

New Historical Fiction Psychological Thriller: Forbidden Night by Joanne Lewis

With sales of over 30,000 copies of her self-published novel Forbidden Room, author and attorney Joanne Lewis responded to fans desire to learn more about what happened to the elusive Sara Goldstein and the history behind the infamous carousel horses. Told through multiple points of view with a meticulously researched historical angle that explores the immigrant and Jewish experience during WWII, Forbidden Night (Soul Attitude Press, March 2017) is a literary tour de force and riveting psychological thriller.
Four years after attorney Michael Tucker defended Sara Goldstein, the Long Island heiress, against murder charges, she is suing him. Torn between his true feelings for Sara and his need to uncover the truth, Michael begins to unravel a murder case that could cost him his career, as well as opening up an unsolved murder from years’ past. With an explosive collision between past and present, Forbidden Night begins to decipher the mystery of the Carousel horses and answers the question: did Sara really kill Uncle Charlie? There are only two people who can help Michael uncover the secrets, one wants him publicly shamed and the other wants him dead.
Historical fiction and murder mystery rolled into one makes Forbidden Night a roller coaster ride with shocking twists that will keep you guessing until the very last page.