Sunday, 9 April 2017

#NewRelease: Anaconda by Lauren Landish

“Is this all a game to you?” Brianna asks.

Her question makes me pause. I’d be lying if I said there isn’t a part of me that wants to take her just because I’ve had to work for it, to prove my dominance over her. But then there’s the other little voice that’s been bugging me, saying that she’s different. And I want to find out more.

Finally, I sit back in my seat and reply, “I’m not gonna lie. I’m a bastard with a huge ego who doesn’t like being denied anything.” I pause, shaking my head. “But there’s something about you.”

She’s almost breathless, her skin paling as she gazes at me, hanging onto my every word. “Like what?”

“I can’t explain it . . . but I can tell you that you make me feel like I’m more than just a big dick and a bank account.”

Brianna bites her lip again and fingers her butter knife. Her nail seems to run up and down the length of it, and when she speaks again, her voice is so soft that I barely hear it. “I have to admit.” She flushes deeply. “I’ve spent the past few nights wondering what something like that would feel like.”

At her words, my cock grows so hard I nearly wince. Seeing her sitting there, so vulnerable, her defenses lowering, turns me on more than I thought possible. I clench my fists at my sides as my cock stretches the material of my dress pants to the limit.

“It’s been said that it’s the best damn thing in the world,” I reply.

Her breathing is ragged, and I’m surprised she’s actually able to come back at me. “Is that by the same media that you say exaggerates the rest of your life?”

I grin. She’s saucy when she wants to be. “Maybe. Only one way to find out.”

She bites her lip again, her face scrunching in thought, her chest heaving. “I think I’m ready,” she breathes suddenly.

“For what?” I ask. Though I know where this is going, I still want to hear it from those sweet lips of hers. It’ll make it all the better.

She folds her hands in front of her on the table and looks me in the eye with more confidence than I thought she was capable of.

I nearly groan at her direct, challenging gaze, turned on by the hunger she’s now displaying.

But her next words send me over the edge.

“For you to take me.” 


MORE About Anaconda

They say size doesn’t matter...

Football star and internet sensation Gavin “Anaconda” Adams is the biggest celebrity our little town has ever seen.

But I had no idea who he was when I accidentally walked in on him naked.  

I was shocked, seeing all of him, a cocky grin on his face. I didn’t know what to do.

So I ran.

Now I’m in a world of trouble. No matter what I do, I can’t get that image out of my head. His strong muscular thighs. His washboard abs. His big, throbbing, toe-curling… Jesus!

To make matters worse, Gavin wants a date with me. He’s seen the lust in my eyes, and he’s not taking no for an answer. I should tell him to get lost. He’s nothing but trouble, and he’s only here for a week. 

But with one look, I go weak in the knees. And whenever I hear his deep, rich voice, I feel my defenses crumbling. 

It’s only one night. What could it hurt?

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Lauren Landish is a 30-something bestselling author who’s always had a passion for reading and writing. When she’s not plotting about how she will introduce you to your next sexy as hell book boyfriend, you can find her deep, deep in her writing cave, furiously tapping away on her keyboard, writing scenes that would make even a hardened sailor blush.

Lauren, who lives in NC with her boyfriend and fur baby, warmly invites you to her worlds of rock hard abs, chiseled smiles, and men with deep, fat pockets…but beware! These stories are guaranteed to have you addicted and needing your next fix!

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