Saturday, 22 April 2017

Nowhere to Lay My Head by Craig Daliessio

Nowhere to Lay My Head: The True Story of a Homeless Dad, the newly-released book by Craig Daliessio, reveals his personal experience of the homelessness he endured as a sacrifice of fatherhood.
Daliessio lost his job as a successful mortgage banker in Nashville, TN in 2008. Unable to find work, he lost his home and was forced to live in his car to be near his daughter, Daisy. Daliessio was hired several times only to have the companies rescind their offers or go out of business.
However, Daliessio completed his Bachelor’s degree from Liberty University while living in his car.
In Nowhere to Lay My Head, Daliessio share how his faith in Jesus Christ and his love for his daughter gave him hope to persevere through the dark days and frigid nights.
Daliessio said, “I began a six-year journey of homelessness, because my daughter was in jeopardy at her mother’s house (we had divorced eight years earlier and her new husband was horribly abusive) and I was the only buffer. I made a choice and I paid a high price for it. I did it willingly. I would not have made a different decision because before I am anything else, I am her dad,” said Daliessio.
Dave Ramsey says, “Nowhere to Lay My Head is riveting. You will not put it down!”
Craig is now a business relationship manager for Liberty University where his daughter is a sophomore