Friday, 5 May 2017

#CoverReveal: Stronger With You by Tiffany Flowers

Stronger With You
Author Tiffany Flowers
Release Date: August 1st
A survivor since birth, Brie has carved out a decent life for herself, going through the motions of what’s expected, safe and secure with her boring existence. She had a glimpse of what living was really like and had her heart broken for the troubles. In the end, it just isn’t worth the hassle, and definitely not worth the pain.

From being the star quarterback in high school, to the wealthy connections of his family, Chris Banks has always taken full advantage of his charmed life. Taking chances and living for the moment are easy when there’s never any risk. He took a risk once and followed his heart, only to learn pain is so much worse without a safety net.

A chance encounter opens old wounds for Chris and Brie, and the two are forced to face the pain of the past, but neither are prepared for the hope for the future that comes with it.

Doubt and regret fight against him, but Chris is determined to prove the pain of fighting for the love of a lifetime can heal the pain of a broken heart.

His mistakes of the past drove her away and made them strong; now, he’ll do anything to convince her they’re stronger together.

Photographer: Shauna Kruse

Model: Matthew Hosea

Model: Stephanie Pietz

Cover Designer: Rochelle Mcgrath

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