Tuesday, 2 May 2017


Highlander’s Challenge by Jo BarrettHighlander’s Challenge By Jo Barrett
When she falls into a fountain in Scotland, strong-willed Amelia is catapulted into the 16th century. Highland warrior Colin is fascinated by the bold stranger clad in tight trousers — and if he’s not careful, he’s liable to fall hard for the fiery lass… 
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Time Travel Romance
Summer Flambé by Paisley RaySummer Flambé By Paisley Ray
Working in her father’s shop isn’t the most exciting way to spend her summer — but Rachael O’Brien is in for plenty of surprises when her eccentric mother shows up and a family secret comes to light! A sweet read packed with laughs and excitement. 
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Chick Lit
Kitty Genovese by Catherine PeloneroKitty Genovese By Catherine Pelonero
This haunting read details the infamous murder of Kitty Genovese, who was stabbed on the streets of New York while dozens of bystanders did nothing to save her. More than a crime story, this is a study of human behavior that “evokes anger and anguish in equal measure” (The Advocate). 
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True Crime
The Golden Girls of Rio by Nikkolas SmithThe Golden Girls of Rio By Nikkolas Smith
With their astounding achievements, women athletes made history at the 2016 Olympic Games. Their inspiring stories come alive in this vivid picture book full of “striking illustrations… simple but bold” (School Library Journal). 
$1.99 $22.99 
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Child of Fire by Harry ConnollyChild of Fire By Harry Connolly
Ray Lilly is the lowly chauffeur of a sorcerer. But when his boss is critically injured, Ray must use what little magical skill he possesses to stop a dark power intent on sacrificing innocent lives in a chilling ritual. With over 1,300 five-star ratings on Goodreads. 
$0.99 $10.07 
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Supernatural Suspense
Adrift by K.R. GriffithsAdrift By K.R. Griffiths
A man suffering from agoraphobia vows to face his fears for a honeymoon cruise with his new wife. But when he witnesses a body being thrown overboard, he soon realizes there is an ancient, deadly presence on the ship — and it’s out for blood… 
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The Amulet Thief by Luanne BennettThe Amulet Thief By Luanne Bennett
Alex can’t remember why her mother was murdered — or why she was left on the streets afterwards. But when she meets otherworldly Greer and begins encountering supernatural creatures, she’ll discover a magical past beyond her wildest imaginings. 
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The Judas Cypher by Greg DragonThe Judas Cypher By Greg Dragon
In a future where humans and synths coexist in uneasy peace, one man’s discovery threatens to undermine the hard-fought balance of his society. Is there a second war on the horizon — and can Dhata do anything to stop it? 
$1.99 $2.99 
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Science Fiction
Still Time by Jean HeglandStill Time By Jean Hegland
In an assisted living facility, aging professor and Shakespeare enthusiast John Wilson grapples with his failing mind — while he grows closer to his estranged daughter. “A beautifully written, character-driven story… Heartbreaking in the best possible way” (Booklist starred review). 
$2.99 $17.27 
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Literary Fiction
Secrets of Harmony Grove by Mindy Starns ClarkSecrets of Harmony Grove By Mindy Starns Clark
If Sienna can’t uncover the real story behind a suspicious death, she could lose her bed-and-breakfast — or worse… A captivating Amish mystery from a Christy Award–winning author! 
$1.35 $9.99 
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Christian Fiction
28 Days of Clean Eating by Sonoma Press28 Days of Clean Eating By Sonoma Press
Learn to whip up simple, clean dishes that will have you feeling your very best! This 28-day meal plan includes 150 delicious recipes to help you kick-start a healthy diet — without the artificial ingredients and chemicals. 
$1.34 $8.24 
Amelia’s Story by D.G. TorrensAmelia’s Story By D.G. Torrens
As Amelia struggles to survive a broken upbringing in the state care system, she lives each day with one goal: to grow up and become free. This powerful, poignant memoir of a girl who was separated from her family as a child has over 400 five-star reviews on Amazon. 
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Biographies and Memoirs
How Plants Work by Linda Chalker-ScottHow Plants Work By Linda Chalker-Scott
A horticulture expert demystifies the complex world of plant physiology in this “engaging, myth-busting book” (The Seattle Times). Perfect for gardeners and curious minds, this “terrific… fascinating” guide (The New York Times Book Review) reveals the science at work in your garden. 
$1.99 $13.30 
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The Scourge of the Swastika by Lord Russell of LiverpoolThe Scourge of the Swastika By Lord Russell of Liverpool
Lord Russell, Britain’s legal adviser at Nuremberg, was forced to resign after penning a book about German war crimes. Here is the controversial work that ended his career — a shocking exposé of atrocities committed under the Nazi regime. 
$2.99 $19.99 
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The Understatement of the Year by Sarina BowenThe Understatement of the Year By Sarina Bowen
From the USA Today bestselling author of Him: Michael Graham has been in the closet for years. But his new hockey teammate — and former best friend — John Rikker is stirring up feelings he can’t resist… With over 2,300 five-star ratings on Goodreads! 
$0.99 $4.99 
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New Adult Romance
Rumor Has It by Elisabeth GraceRumor Has It By Elisabeth Grace
When an embarrassing video goes viral, Ellie Wagner’s reputation pays the price. Her life seems ruined, but a fresh start awaits when she falls for Mason Nash… “Sexy and sweet” (New York Times bestselling author Monica Murphy). 
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New Adult Romance
She Can Scream by Melinda LeighShe Can Scream By Melinda Leigh
From a Wall Street Journal bestselling author who “really knows how to whisk readers’ hearts away” (RT Book Reviews): When single mother Brooke attracts the attention of a serial killer, can handsome Luke protect her from danger? 
$0.99 $5.99 
Romantic Suspense
Captured by the Alien Savage by Marina Maddix and Flora DareCaptured by the Alien Savage By Marina Maddix and Flora Dare
Hunky alien Diviak is about to go into heat when he encounters gorgeous, curvy human Jasmine — and claims her in earth-shattering ways. Unbridled passion steams up the pages in this scorching-hot romance. 
Free! $3.77 
Paranormal Romance
His Fair Lady by Kathleen KirkwoodHis Fair Lady By Kathleen Kirkwood
When Ana was a child, a squire saved her from a burning village. Now a celebrated knight, Sir Royce de Warrene disrupts her wedding day, intent on taking her back to her rightful place as a noble lady. Is the man Ana has been searching for right before her eyes? 
Free! $5.29 
Historical Romance
Catering to His Needs by Rose C. CaroleCatering to His Needs By Rose C. Carole
Ethan keeps his BDSM life secret — but he’s determined to push the limits with his submissive, Rebecca. Will she embrace her kinky side and learn to give up control? 
$0.99 $9.35 
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Erotic Romance
Been Searching for You by Nicole EvelinaBeen Searching for You By Nicole Evelina
Thirty-four-year-old Annabeth has been patiently waiting for her soulmate since she was a teenager, but she’s starting to lose hope of ever finding Mr. Right. When a literature professor catches her eye, he might be everything she’s ever wanted — if life and her ex-boyfriend don’t get in the way! 
$1.99 $5.03 
Contemporary Romance
Texas Wide Open by KC KleinTexas Wide Open By KC Klein
Years ago, Katie Harris left Texas with a broken heart — but when a family emergency brings her back, it won’t be easy to resist the cowboy she once loved! “This is a book you won’t soon forget” (Cat Johnson, New York Timesbestselling author). 
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Contemporary Romance
Fractured by Catherine McKenzieFractured By Catherine McKenzie
With over 1,000 five-star Goodreads ratings: After being terrorized by a stalker, author Julie moves her family across the country for their safety. But her new home in the suburbs is not the idyllic refuge she hoped it would be… “Truly riveting” (Mary Kubica). 
$1.50 $4.99 
Cesspool by Phil M. WilliamsCesspool By Phil M. Williams
James Fisher was a passionate teacher until tragedy upended his life. He escapes to a small country town, hoping for a quiet existence — but his attempts to help a troubled young woman drag him into conflict with the town’s unscrupulous police force. 
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Crime Fiction