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Body by Night
Body by Night By Zuri Day
D’Andra is determined to make a better life for herself — and that means staying away from second-rate men. Personal trainer JaJuan can give her everything she needs, but is D’Andra ready to embrace love? A seductive read.
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African American Interest
Frostbite By Adrienne Woods
A gripping fantasy adventure: When a mysterious man makes Elena an offer, she starts down a path that will force her to decide the fate of her world — and the dragons that dwell there. With over 1,200 five-star ratings on Goodreads!
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Teen and Young Adult
Mindjack Box Set: Books 1–3
Mindjack Box Set: Books 1–3 By Susan Kaye Quinn
A gripping dystopian series! Unlike most of society, Kira can’t see what others are thinking — or be seen by others. But when she accidentally controls her best friend’s mind, she’s drawn into the secret underworld of mindjackers…
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Teen and Young Adult
Shiftless By Aimee Easterling
After years of suppressing her feral self, Terra wants to forget her old life as a werewolf. But when the past comes calling, she has no choice but to revive her power — and reclaim the predator within…
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Supernatural Suspense
Plague Pit
Plague Pit By Marc Alexander
Deep beneath London, a crypt is uncovered — one that was sealed in the plague-ridden 17th century and meant to stay closed forever… Inescapable doom is unleashed upon the Earth in this eerily plausible novel.
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The Door in the Hedge
The Door in the Hedge By Robin McKinley
Visit fantastical kingdoms in this enchanting collection of reimagined fairy tales from the Newbery Medal–winning author of Beauty and The Blue Sword. With over 1,600 five-star ratings on Goodreads!
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Curious Reality
Curious Reality By D.K. Cassidy
A killer tries to give up the habit, a woman seeks to recover her confidence, and a lonely man searches for love… Explore the boundary between normal life and fantasy in this thought-provoking novel!
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Literary Fiction
A Charmed Place
A Charmed Place By Antoinette Stockenberg
From a USA Today bestselling author comes an enthralling story about love and redemption. While summering on Cape Cod, divorcée Maddie is shocked to find her old flame, Dan, living nearby. But how can they reconnect when her family still blames him for a terrible tragedy?
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Women's Fiction
Island Refuge
Island Refuge By Kimberly Rose Johnson
Talented chef Zoe Griffin gave up her dream career for an engagement that failed to launch. Can a quaint bed-and-breakfast and a handsome new boss mend her broken heart? A lovely, faith-filled novel.
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Christian Fiction
Arianna’s Choice
Arianna’s Choice By Natalie D. Wilson
An epic Christian adventure: When Alexandria was a child, she could see into the past. Now her powers have returned in full force, just in time to fight an age-old biblical battle…
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Christian Fiction
The Healthy Wok Chinese Cookbook
The Healthy Wok Chinese Cookbook By Charmaine Ferrara
Fire up your wok for healthy takes on some of your favorite authentic Chinese dishes! This delightful cookbook features over 85 easy-to-follow recipes that you can make in the comfort of your home kitchen.
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The Heart-Led Leader
The Heart-Led Leader By Tommy Spaulding
New York Times bestseller “about real leaders whose courageous examples will inspire you” (Daniel H. Pink): Discover what emotional and intellectual qualities help us to manage others effectively. “I’m a big fan of Tommy Spaulding” (Ken Blanchard, coauthor of The One Minute Manager).
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You Know I Love You Because You’re Still Alive
You Know I Love You Because You’re Still Alive By Lori B. Duff
A sidesplitting read: One middle-aged working mom takes a smart, honest look at family, marriage, and modern life in this laugh-out-loud collection of essays!
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Wayfinder By John Drake
“Swashbuckling adventure on the high seas doesn’t get much better than this” (Nelson DeMille): When Jarl Sjur and his crew set sail for a distant land, their lives are transformed by a series of bloody battles — and a mountain of plundered wealth.
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Historical Fiction
Reckless By Priscilla West
From a USA Today bestselling author: Riley plans to stay away from gorgeous, tattooed Jax, but she can’t resist his bad-boy charms. Now, what should have been just a one-night stand could turn out to be the love of a lifetime… With over 1,300 five-star ratings on Goodreads!
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New Adult Romance
Drawn to You
Drawn to You By Brooke Page
After a devastating betrayal, Becca Stine moves back to her hometown and stays out of sight. But she soon catches the eye of mysterious Tyler Conklin — and likes what she sees. Too bad he’s her new boss’s son…
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New Adult Romance
Land of the Noonday Sun
Land of the Noonday Sun By Carmen DeSousa
Suddenly penniless, Cassandra must stay in the small town of Nantahala for six months to claim her inheritance. When danger looms in the form of a kidnapper, can handsome rafting guide Chad keep her safe?
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Romantic Suspense
Willow and the Wolf
Willow and the Wolf By Elizabeth Kelly
When Willow takes a receptionist job at a security firm, she finds she can’t resist her attraction to Malcolm — her boorish but irresistibly sexy wolf shifter boss! Passion meets paranormal thrills in this steamy read.
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Paranormal Romance
Glory By Heather Graham
From a New York Times bestselling author comes a scintillating romance set during the American Civil War! Julian, a military surgeon, finds refuge with the widowed healer Rhiannon — and so much more…
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Historical Romance
Dance with Deception
Dance with Deception By Tracy Goodwin
Sebastian Montgomery, the ninth Duke of Davenport, has vowed never to fall in love or take a wife. But his illusions of a solitary life quickly evaporate when he meets the enchanting Gwendolyn MacAlistair — and sets out to make her his own.
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Historical Romance
Fool for Love
Fool for Love By Merry Farmer
Amelia Elphick is in dire straits — and a fake marriage to Montana cowboy Eric Quinlan might save both her unborn child and his failing ranch. But when their relationship becomes genuine, will their newfound passion destroy all they’ve worked for?
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American Historical Romance
Blackmailed by the Hero
Blackmailed by the Hero By Julie Particka
When Vicky takes a wrong turn at a party, she ends up in bed with her brother’s best friend, Dante — and the price he demands for secrecy is one she’s all too willing to pay…
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Erotic Romance
Meant to Be
Meant to Be By Melody Grace
When romance novelist Poppy escapes to a tiny beach house in Sweetbriar Cove, she never expects to find true love with her next-door neighbor… A heartwarming read from a USA Today bestselling author!
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Contemporary Romance
Tucker By Louis L’Amour
When his childhood friends steal a vast sum of money from his father, Shell Tucker embarks on a daring adventure across the Wild West to avenge the man who raised him. “L’Amour is the kind of storyteller who makes the wolves come out of the woods to listen” (People).
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Action and Adventure
The Innocent
The Innocent By Sean Black
From an author who “writes with the pace of Lee Child and the heart of Harlan Coben” (New York Times bestselling author Joseph Finder): To solve a basketball coach’s disappearance, two private security officers must delve into the buried secrets at the heart of a small Minnesota town.
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Sins of the Past
Sins of the Past By Julia Derek
Stay-at-home mom Kate thought she knew her husband — a man with no enemies. But after he’s found stabbed to death with a curious knife, Kate must face the earth-shattering truth about his past.
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A Cold Quarry
A Cold Quarry By Andy Straka
“Highly recommended” (Michael Connelly): When a falconer is shot in the West Virginian wilderness, the police write off the case as a hunting accident. But Frank disagrees — and begins the search for a killer. “A breath of fresh air in the field of private eye fiction” (Jeffery Deaver).
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Crime Fiction
Crimes and Passion
Crimes and Passion By Jeffrey S. Stephens
A well-written mystery filled with intrigue: Who murdered psychotherapy patient Elizabeth Knoebel? As detective Anthony Walker looks for answers in the dead woman’s diary, he realizes the killer could be among her doctor’s remaining clients…
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Crime Fiction
Harbored Secrets
Harbored Secrets By Marie F. Martin
One horrific event stole everything from eight-year-old Blinny Platt and wrenched apart her family. Now, many decades later, Blinny returns to the site of her Montana childhood home — where old, undisturbed secrets lie in wait…
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Psychological Thrillers