Wednesday, 31 May 2017


From the Mist by Alexa DareFrom the Mist By Alexa Dare
While on vacation, Megan Forrester steps into a cloud of fog — and winds up in the arms of sexy seafarer Everett Quinn. Lost in the 1800s, will she find her way home… or be swept away by boundless passion? 
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Time Travel Romance
Keeping Secrets in Seattle by Brooke MossKeeping Secrets in Seattle By Brooke Moss
Heartbroken hairstylist Violet wants to move on from her best friend, Gabe… But after discovering shocking secrets about Gabe’s wife-to-be, she faces a risky temptation in this delightful, humorous read! 
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Chick Lit
A Forbidden Rumspringa by Keira AndrewsA Forbidden Rumspringa By Keira Andrews
When an illicit romance blossoms between carpenter David and his apprentice, Isaac, it escalates into unrestrained passion — and shocks their insular community. A captivating Amish love story about two men who could lose everything by following their hearts. 
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Killers in Uniform by Adrian VincentKillers in Uniform By Adrian Vincent
“Skillfully written” (Kirkus Reviews): In this bloodcurdling account, delve into over 30 true stories of people who took advantage of the trust placed in their uniforms… to embark upon monstrous murder sprees. 
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True Crime
I Hate Reading by Arthur Bacon and Henry Bacon, as told to Beth BaconI Hate Reading By Arthur Bacon and Henry Bacon, as told to Beth Bacon
In this outrageously silly picture book, two brothers offer hilarious schemes to escape their daily reading requirement — and wind up learning that books can be fun! An inventive way to instill a love of literature in kids. 
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Polarity in Motion by Brenda VicarsPolarity in Motion By Brenda Vicars
A “dazzling, richly textured” story (Kirkus Reviews): When a nude photo of Polarity Weeks — one she has no memory of taking — circulates around her high school, can she uncover the picture’s origins… and find herself along the way? 
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Teen and Young Adult
The Seer’s Daughter by Athena DanielsThe Seer’s Daughter By Athena Daniels
After her grandmother’s death, Sage writes off the eerie supernatural happenings she’s begun noticing as grief. But when a dark killer chooses her as the next victim, can she escape an evil even the authorities can’t see? 
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Supernatural Suspense
Tales from the Canyons of the Damned by Collected AuthorsTales from the Canyons of the Damned By Collected Authors
Blending nail-biting mystery, all-too-plausible science fiction, and occult frights, the 18 uncanny tales in this sinister collection are guaranteed to satisfy horror readers.
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