Thursday, 11 May 2017


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To Noelle, Christmas was nothing more than a yearly excuse for otherwise normal people to lose themselves to ridiculous amounts of gluttony and overspending. Bah-freaking-humbug!
When the once quiet Christmas tree farm next-door turns into a boisterous holiday extravaganza, Noelle isn’t having it. The loud music and bright lights aren’t helping her writer’s block, and dammit … she’s on a deadline!
Determined to put an end to the racket, Noelle runs into trouble on her way over to her neighbor’s home and gets the surprise of her life when it’s not Old Man Frost who greets her, but his hunky son, Jack. Sparks fly, as well as some clothing, and Hunky Jack Frost works his wintery magic in an effort to cool Noelle’s fire, and give her a new holiday memory to cherish.


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Imprisoned for murders he didn’t commit, Max Kensington is exonerated after eight years when a new witness steps forward. He returns to his hometown and no one’s happy to see him, least of all his ex-fiancée, Rosemary Spelling.
Max’s return forces Rose to confront her feelings about the past. The day he killed her sister ruined Rose’s life, destroying her family and landing her mother in a mental institution.
When someone leaves a bloody threat on Rose’s porch, the police jump to conclusions, assuming Max is after revenge. Rose isn’t so sure. She begins questioning Max’s guilt, wondering if someone is trying to cover up what really happened to her sister.


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Hamilton Investigation & Security leader, Jesse Hamilton, swears never to love again. The pain of losing his heart is too much of a risk. Burying himself in work and caring for his daughter, he doesn’t expect FBI Special Agent Kate Ross to threaten to break down his carefully constructed walls.
When Kate is injured in a drive-by shooting, Jesse pulls the full force of HIS into action to protect her. He’s determined to not be the reason behind another senseless death.
Making a decision that could cost Kate her life, Jesse has to decide just how far he’s willing to go to save the woman he loves.


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Perpetual good girl Lacey McGuire has two Christmas wish lists. One suitable for public consumption…and a private one that’s too hot to handle. Right at the top: wild, wicked fantasies about her best buddies and business partners Ryan Hollister and Bram Colton.
Besides the fact they’re both poster boys for Hunks ’R’ Us, they’ve been there for her through thick, thin and the heartbreak of a cheating fiancé. So what if her boys will never know they star in her sexiest daydreams? In her fantasy world, her heart will never get trampled again.

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I could go for a man with bite, and I don't mind a little danger. But when I'm working a routine PI case and meet the seductive and mysterious Adam, it doesn't take me long to realize he may be way more bite than I can handle.
I've just learned vampires aren't only scary stories told in the dark of night. Adam is the real deal. And, if having one immortal after my heart weren't enough to convince me, there's another one after my blood.
A serial killer with an appetite for young blondes is on the loose in Phoenix, and it looks like he's added me to the menu. I'm a pawn in a game played by beautiful monsters, and one wrong move could mean "game over" for me.


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Chloe Weston's life is falling down around her. Orphaned and alone, she's forced to leave everything she knows and start over with nothing more than a shattered heart.
But it isn't long until the Hartley boys—both of them—begin to mend the broken pieces.
Hudson Hartley is kind, loving, and reliable. He would move mountains just to see her smile and is everything that she needs.
Jax Hartley is fun, sexy, and the bad boy. He only wants to help her forget about her pain and is everything that she wants.
Filling the void in Chloe's life, the brothers vie for her attention—and heart. But only one can have her...


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I’m the whole package.
Sexy as hell.
Brilliant in bed and business.
Big cock.
So why the hell is it so hard to settle down? I want a woman to see me for who I am, and that’s hard when most only see me with dollar signs in their eyes. So I signed up for some crazy experiment to be married to a stranger. Never knowing a thing about the person.
I was ready for true love. When I married Adeline at the altar, I had to make sure that she didn’t know a thing about me as well. So I did what I thought was best. I lied about who I was.
If we find true love, I’m sure she will forgive me when she learns who I really am.