Tuesday, 16 May 2017


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Streetwise Zeni is suspicious of her snap discovery by the producer of the film being shot in sleepy Chamelot, Louisiana. Yet the chance to play a bit part is irresistible—especially as her annoying boss, bad boy Trey Benedict, thinks she can’t make the cut.
Trey will miss Zeni’s constant insults if she leaves town, but he’s not worried; she’s too unique to fit the star mold. His help with her makeover is part of a bet, nothing to be taken seriously. Why, then, is he risking matrimony and his neck to keep her near?

When Olivia Redwood bets on long-shot race car driver Jacob Teller, the last thing she expects is to walk away with a windfall─let alone the driver himself.
With Olivia by his side, Jacob’s luck changes and he starts winning every competition he enters. He becomes a part of the upper echelon of his sport and invites Olivia to come along for the ride.
But when tragedy strikes, Olivia is forced to re-evaluate her relationship with Jacob and reconsider exactly how far she’s willing to go to keep him.

Ellen is fed up.
Five years into her marriage, Ellen’s husband Peter already seems bored with her. They used to be so hot for each other.
Here’s what she does know: Her job booking musicians for local clubs puts her up close and personal with outrageously sexy and talented temptation. Peter needs to step up.
Peter knows he's blowing it.

A collection of scorching hot short-stories meant to melt your heart and warm more than your soul. These three well-written lesbian fantasies will get you breathless yet begging for more.
Powerless – Carol, Mark and Cindy form an unconventional love triangle.Carol is a burnt-out stock broker from New York, dealing with the frustrations in her life; Mark is her current lover, and Cindy is the new receptionist at Carol’s office.
Indecent Proposal - Rita Collins is in a steady relationship with Sherri but when her life turns upside down after she loses her well-paying job and finds out her mother needs expensive medical treatment, she hatches an insane plan to get extra cash.
Her Discipline -
She’s been a naughty submissive so her Master brings in a gorgeous Mistress to punish her. But she wonders if that is her punishment, why does she enjoy it so much?