Friday, 19 May 2017

#Maneater by #AleyaMichelle

Dan’s gaze turns to mine, and he smiles. His smile is infectious, and I return the grin. He dances a little closer to me, and his hand touches mine. Zap … electricity.
I’m mentally ticking boxes in my head. Box one, he has the body, box two, he is easy on the eye, box four, he bought the drink, so all that is left now is … can the guy kiss?
It’s like he reads my mind. He moves in closer again; our fingers touch, and he grabs my hand. I don’t object as his other hand finds my waist; he tugs me, connecting our bodies. Part of me wants to dive in for the kiss, but sometimes feeling wanted is nice.
His pastel blue eyes lock with mine as he yanks my body flush against his, making me blush just a little. His lips eagerly find mine, and he softly kisses me, slowly at first, but as I kiss him back, I feel our hunger for more increase.
I slip my tongue into his mouth, and he moans in response. Knowing that he likes it encourages me to massage his tongue a little faster; my hands find his arms, and I rub my fingers along his firm triceps. This drives men crazy.
He follows my lead and massages my tongue with his and deepens the kiss, holding me tight, my tits straining against his firm, muscly chest.
The wind is pulled from my lungs. I come up for air and break the seal.
There it is …
All four boxes ticked.
Now if I were looking for something long-term, I would slip him my number and go on a few dates. But this is the twenty-first century. Why should I be expected to keep it in my pants when guys never do?
Sex is fun; it’s enjoyable. No relationship expectations or contracts, no one telling you what to wear or bossing you around. I enjoy my independence!
Well, sure, I get lonely. Sometimes my bed feels a little cold, but when I freak out and become claustrophobic after sex, it puts it all back into perspective.
In the words of Alice Deejay, “Better off Alone.” Why should I change a good thing?
In the kissing department, this guy gets a ten out of ten. It's rare I give such a high score; he should consider himself lucky.
"Wanna come back to mine?" he asks me between our touchy-feely kissing adventures.
"My roommate is away working."
"Sure," I reply casually even though I’m feeling antsy and hornier than a bitch in heat. Keep cool, calm, and collected.
“Just let me tell Roxy, and we can go,” I add as he dives in for one last kiss.
I stride slowly over to her, and I can’t hide my smile. I try, but when my bestie sees my face, her mouth widens.
“You dirty ho. Guess I won’t be seeing you till tomorrow,” she states, winking. I can always count on her for support and understanding—of course, this includes the playful insults. Who is she to deny my fun and freedom?
“Be safe and smart,” she whispers in my ear. “Oh, and have fun.”
“Yes, Mother,” I say sarcastically as I hug her and Tia. I give them one last wave as I head over to get outta this joint with sexy blue eyes.
“Let’s go,” he states, leading the way down the stairwell.
He eagerly walks me out the front, and we wait in the taxi line. Only one person is in front of us, thank God. I’m feeling impatient. His hands roam under the back of my top, sending goosebumps down my spine and making me shudder in anticipation.
He leans in for a kiss; it’s filled with hunger and passion. He is just as desperate for this as I am. I need this release. I need my itch scratched badly.
I pull back for a breather. God, if my mother could see me now, all slutty in the car park of a club, she would have kittens. Well, sure, she knows I’m no angel, but too much PDA with a random I just met really doesn’t do much for my credibility—or hers, for that matter. Whoops. Sorry, Mum.
“Easy, boy, let’s wait for your place,” I whisper, trying to tone it down a notch and pull the reins in just a little.
He nods in agreement even though I can see him practically undressing me with his eyes. This man is either as insatiable as I am, or it’s been a while and he’s desperate.
Either way, it’s turning me on.
He wants me.
Not in a stalker kind of way, either.
It’s lust.
It’s hot.
I want exactly what he is offering.
I manage to keep him off me for the fifteen-minute car trip. I hop out as he pays the driver, and then his mouth is on mine, kissing me hard.
His rough hands are on my tits, grabbing a handful. I eagerly push into his body and lift my leg, rubbing his hard crotch.
I'm about ready to ditch his pants and mount him; the waiting is killing me!
"Unless you want your neighbours to see your bare ass, let's get upstairs," I order.
"You got it, hot stuff," he says with his rugged voice.
I smile at his comment.
Nothing like the ridiculous “sweet buns.” And his voice is sexy as hell!
He hastily grabs my hand and drags me through the foyer of his apartment building and up two flights of stairs. I playfully slide my other hand into the back of his jeans, eager for more.
He hurriedly lets us in, and we walk into the darkness of his apartment. Without any more hesitation, he pulls me into his arms and kisses me ferociously. 
Yes! I like this intensity.
“You said when we got to my place,” he states cheekily as he backs me into the wall and kisses me hard.
Fuck. That is hot.
I moan and kiss him back just as vigorously. All bets are off …



Like any girl, I just wanna have some fun.
I might be blonde, but I’m far from dumb.
But Hell, men like 'em dumber than a box of rocks,
So that's the game I play--
Just to get 'em wrapped around my finger,
And in my bed.

Let's face it, sex is fun,
And I’m all about having a good time… 
I've had my share of man-whores and douchebags,
I'm not looking for anything more.

And nobody can change my mind,
Not even Dan Westbrook.
With his sexy smile and irresistible body.
I'm a man-eater,
And right now, he's the only man I want a bite of.

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A hopeless romantic and fairy-tale advocate.
Aleya Michelle was born and raised in Sydney, Australia.
Happily married and mother of three gorgeous and very active boys.

A true lover of reading and escaping into a magical book, of course Aleya loves to write and finds solace through her characters and story lines.  Follow Aleya on Amazon.