Friday, 5 May 2017

New Children's Book: Percy's Dream by Kenneth Terry

Delightful new children’s book stars Percy, a leaf with big dreams!
Outskirts Press Announces the Release of New Juvenile Fiction: Percy’s Dream by Kenneth M. Terry
Children’s author Kenneth M. Terry has just released Percy’s Dream, the story of a leaf’s cycle of life. The book is his first of six children’s books that he has written and has been published by Outskirts Press.
Percy is a leaf on a grand oak tree in a city park. He sees all kinds of interesting people below him, but he’s on a lower branch, and all he sees when he looks up are the other leaves… Every night he dreams about seeing the sky. Wouldn’t it be wonderful? But Percy doesn’t think his dream will ever come true.
When autumn arrives, leaves begin to fall, and Percy decides that if he can hang on long enough—to be one of the last leaves on the tree—he will finally be able to look up and see the sky! Will Percy’s dream come true?
This charming story is about holding tight to hope, learning to appreciate the unexpected, and never giving up on a dream. Beautifully illustrated and smoothly written, Percy’s Dream makes for a fun-filled learning experience for young children.
“Sometimes we are inspired by the things we see and hear, and this story was just that—a truly wonderful inspiration,” says the author. “While out working early one cool and windy fall day, I noticed a leaf in the sky being blown by the wind. At that very moment the name Percy popped into my head and I started writing. It was spontaneous; the words just flowed onto my notepad. Before the end of the day, the story of Percy's Dream was completed.”
About the Author: Kenneth M. Terry is a licensed security systems technician who loves writing children’s books. He also enjoys cooking, crafting and antiquing in his spare time. Mr. Terry lives in Everett, Massachusetts, with his wife and their son.