Tuesday, 9 May 2017

#NewHistorical Book THE CHURCHILL PLOT by David Stokes

An Espionage Thriller Ripped from History’s Headlines
by Bestselling Author DAVID R. STOKES
As 90-year-old Winston Churchill barely clings to life in January 1965, Great Britain and the world prepare for the what will no doubt be the funeral of the century. But one world leader has decided not to go to London for the funeral of Sir Winston.
Why would the President of the United States, Lyndon B. Johnson, a consummate and ego-driven politician, who has just been inaugurated for his own term, following a landslide election victory the previous November, choose to stay home instead of taking the chance to make his presence known as the leader of the free world?
Why would President Johnson not send his new Vice President, Hubert Humphrey, to the funeral? And why would the Secretaries of Defense and State of Defense eventually travel to London as part of the “official” US delegation, only to skip the actual service at historic St. Paul’s Church?
Why indeed.
With these verified historical facts as a backdrop, best-selling author David R. Stokes takes us through the “looking glass” into a murky world of shadows, mystery, and intrigue.
America and the world had not yet fully recovered from the assassination of Johnson’s presidential predecessor, John F. Kennedy. Yet, in a way that seemed to connect back to that awful moment in November 1963, there are rumors of another conspiracy, one involving some kind of terrorist attack connected to Churchill’s funeral, at the moment more when than 100 world leaders will be gathered together in one confined place.
President Johnson reaches out to some of his contacts in the intelligence world—all “off the record,” of course. These men—some whose names will eventually live in infamy—have one mission: to prevent a catastrophe that could change the course of human history. Along the way, the American operatives uncover a plot more far-reaching than they could have ever imagined.
At the center of THE CHURCHILL PLOT is Winston Churchill himself. His accomplishments. His mistakes. His admirers. And his enemies—even at the hour of his death.
THE CHURCHILL PLOT is fiction, but it’s filled with precise historical detail. You may wonder what is real and what is made up—and find yourself wanting to grab your smart phone to Google a detail.
David R. Stokes is a Wall Street Journal bestselling author, ordained minister, commentator, broadcaster, and columnist.