Saturday, 6 May 2017

#NewRelease: #Ravenous by L.L. Collins

My stomach turned with nerves, but I forced myself to take an ice cube out of the glass of water I got and pop it into my mouth. What would Janie do? He watched me, intrigue in his eyes as I rolled it around in my mouth. Before I could overthink what his expression meant, I leaned down and kissed his bare chest, making goose bumps break out all over his skin. My hands shook in anticipation and unease, waiting for a signal that he wanted me here.
He hissed between his teeth and wrapped his hands in my hair, giving me all the signs I needed. Encouraged by his reaction, I covered one of his flat nipples with my mouth and sucked, moving the ice cube around as I did it.
I fought with myself over what the big deal would be to tell him who I was. He wouldn’t judge me. Hell, he slept with me and probably would again after knowing I was a paid escort for a job.
I forced the intruding thoughts out of my head and moved over to the other nipple, using my tongue to swirl the ice around it. It mostly melted, but there was still enough left to continue the foreplay.
“How can that be so fucking cold but feel so good at the same time?” Breck cupped my full breasts with his hands and tweaked my hardened nubs. I slid downward, forcing him to drop his hands from my body as my knees hit the ground, and my mouth lined up with his basketball shorts.
“Do you need these?” I glanced up at him and smirked at the expression on his face.
He shook his head, so I looped my fingers into the elastic waistband and pushed until they pooled at his feet. He was bare under them, his erection standing at attention in front of me.
    “Give me another ice cube,” I commanded. His eyes widened, but he immediately reached for the glass on the counter next to him and lifted one out. I crunched the last remaining parts of the one that was currently in my mouth. “Drop it on my tongue.”
    His lips flattened into a thin line as I took it into my mouth, slurping it off his fingers. Water dribbled down my chin, but I didn’t care. I had a plan, and it was to unravel this sexy man standing in front of me. I hadn’t ever done something like this before, but he made me want to do all sorts of things I never did.
    “You clean?” I hated to be the one to kill the mood, but I had to know. I wasn’t stupid.
    His throat worked as he fought to respond. “Y-yes,” he stuttered.
    I nodded, believing him. “It’ll be cold.”
    He nodded too, his mouth opening and then closing again. Speechless. I liked it.
    I worked the ice cube around my tongue so it would melt slightly before I took him into my mouth. I wasn’t sure where this idea came from, but it had me dripping and needing release again.
    But first, Breck.
    I opened my mouth and flattened my tongue, running it along the underside of his large cock. A string of expletives fell from his mouth, and he tightened his hands in my hair.
    I lifted my eyes and studied him, his head thrown back and his eyes squeezed shut. He bit his lip, and his throat worked. It was the hottest thing I’d ever seen.
    I forced myself to stop watching him and get back to pleasing him. The ice had begun to melting, and I couldn’t have any of that.
    The second my mouth closed over his swollen head, his thighs clenched under the palms of my hands. “Yes. Oh my God, that is so cold, but don’t fucking stop.” His hips started moving, pushing himself farther into my mouth. The ice cube rolled around my tongue, melting quickly with his dick in my mouth.
    One of his hands left my hair and I heard the clink of the ice in the glass. I was hyper aware of his movements as he released his other hand from my hair and traced my face with it.
    He stepped back slightly, breaking my hold on him. “Baby, there’s so much I want to do before I lose it, and you’re going to send me over the edge very soon.” He put his hand into mine and pulled me off the floor.
    “Ice cubes,” he murmured. He stepped closer to me and pressed me against the counter.
I watched as he slid the ice cube between his lips and rolled it around his mouth. He hadn’t even touched me with it, and I was already on edge. When he fused his mouth to my nipple, I hissed in surprise.
“Cold, isn’t it?” Breck glanced up at me for a brief second before moving to my other breast. The sensation of his warm mouth, coupled with the ice, sent chills throughout my body and intense desire to my core. I shuddered against him as he let go of my nipples and moved his lips down my chest and stomach.
    “Holy shit,” I said, gripping his hair tightly.
    “Oh, I’m just getting started.”
Before I could fully register his words, he lifted me and put me on the counter behind him. My legs fell open as he stood between them. I watched, transfixed, as he reached next to me and grabbed another ice cube.
“This was a great idea, baby.”
I refused to read too much into the fact that he kept calling me “baby,” but I liked it more than I wanted to admit.
    I gasped as he slid it from my right nipple over to my left, then down between my full breasts and to my stomach. I shivered, but not entirely from the cold.
    Breck pressed his icy tongue to my overheated flesh and I screamed, grabbing his hair again. I panted as he held my hips down, making goose bumps break out all over my body.
    “So hot you’re melting the ice the second it touches you,” he said, not lifting his head from my folds. Using the arm not holding me down, he reached for another ice cube. I whimpered, wondering if it was because I wanted him to stop or I wanted more.
    “You started this,” he said. I couldn’t respond, arching my back as he slid two fingers inside me, the ice in his palm touching my pulsing flesh. The ice dripped water down my legs as it melted against me. The sensations were too much.


Raven: To seek, plunder, or prey. To devour ravenously. To seize as spoil.

I am Raven.
I knew what it meant to fight my way through life.
To be the victim, the spoil, the prey.
I decided long ago I would take control of my future.
No more bug infested couches.
No more drug-addicted mothers or absentee fathers.
No more welfare checks or moldy bread.
No more settling.
I thought I had it all figured out, a way out of the hand I’d been dealt.
Until my life got turned upside down by two very different men who look at me with mirrored lust in their eyes.
Their want is palpable, heady. Their desire makes me reckless.
I no longer know who I am or who I want.
The only thing I do know is, I am ravenous.
Voracious. Intensely eager for gratification or satisfaction.
Despite the fact I know it is a disaster waiting to happen, I can’t stop it.
I’m afraid I will never be sated.


LL Collins is the self published author of the bestselling Living Again Series, the Twisted series, Back to the Drawing Board, and the Jaded Regret series.

LL has been writing since she was old enough to write. Always a story in her head, she finally decided to let the characters out and start writing and try to make her lifelong dreams of becoming an author come true. She has been a teacher for over ten years and lives in Florida with her husband and two sons.