Saturday, 6 May 2017

#NewRelease: #Resolution (Golden Beach) by #KimLoraine

Alex stared down at Lauren as he carefully leaned her back on her pillows. Her chocolate and caramel hair was splayed out across the rose-colored quilt, eyes hooded, soft lips parted and turned up in a slight smile. He wanted to take his time and treasure her, to kiss every inch of her luscious body before losing himself. His heart beat hard against his chest as she sat up long enough to pull her shirt over her head, revealing the lacy black bra she wore underneath.
"Alex," she sighed.
"Hush. I just want to look at you."
Leaning down, he brushed his nose along the line from her navel to the edge of her bra. Her skin was soft, like velvet. His fingers toyed with the waistband of her leggings and he relished the way her hips moved as she squirmed. Finding the delicate skin at the base of her throat, he flicked his tongue across her collarbone. The sound of her breath in his ear had him aching to push inside of her.
"Kiss me, please?" Her voice was rough, strained, and it sent a jolt of need through him.
Unable to deny her request, he claimed her mouth, reveling in her taste. He let out a deep groan, then pressed his hips against hers, needing her to know beyond any doubt exactly what she was doing to him. Breaking the kiss, he sat back on his knees only long enough to pull his T-shirt off his body.
She bit her lower lip. The dark desire in her eyes hit him hard. Drawn by the look, he leaned over her once again, shivering when she pressed her palm to his chest and trailed one finger down his torso. His breath caught when her hand rested on the button of his jeans.
"How long has it been?" The hesitation in her voice made his chest constrict as he realized how careful she was trying to be.
Cupping her face, he dropped a kiss onto her lips. "Too long."
Before she could say anything else, he opened the fly of his jeans and shoved his pants down his legs. Her gaze drifted to the evidence of his arousal pressing hard against the thin fabric of his boxer briefs. Sliding his fingers in the waist of her leggings, he slipped them over her hips until they were nothing more than a pile of fabric on the floor. He layered kisses up her leg, beginning at her ankle as his hand slid along the smooth skin of her inner thigh. Reaching the edge of her panties, he traced the barrier separating them before moving his finger under the fabric and brushing her sensitive flesh. At her sharp intake of breath, he grinned. He may not have been with more than one woman in his life, but he knew exactly how to please one.
Delving inside her heat, he let out a groan of satisfaction to find her slick and ready. She arched her back, small noises escaping her as he moved his fingers.
"Oh, my goodness," she moaned.
A wide smile spread across his face. She wouldn't swear even in the throes of pleasure.
"God, you're so fucking cute."
A blush crept up her cheeks as she looked down her body to where he knelt between her legs. His hands shook as he moved away long enough to hook his thumbs in the waistband of her panties. He added them to the pile of clothes on the floor and slowly kissed a path toward her center. Loving the way her thighs tensed every time he brushed her body with his lips, he buried the thread of panic pushing at his mind.
"Alex, stop teasing me." Her plea lit a fire deep within him as his need took over.
Finding her core with his mouth, he tasted her sweetness, circling the tender rise of nerves with his tongue until she cried out his name. Aching with arousal, he freed his erection from the constraints of his boxers and lined himself up at her entrance.
As he began to press inside, a frantic banging shook the door.
"Lauren! Lauren! Open the fucking door." Dean's voice boomed as he continued pounding his fist on the door.
"Don't answer," Alex murmured, dropping his forehead between her breasts.
"He won't leave until I do."
"Lauren, open this door or I'll have to break it down!"
Tensing, Alex moved away, reaching down to collect her clothes before sitting on the side of the bed and quickly pulling his jeans over his hips.
"Goddammit," he muttered under his breath.


Firefighter Alex Oliver lost everything that mattered. In the blink of an eye, the life he’d built burned to the ground. Now, he’s starting over. Returning home to Golden Beach, he’s determined to pick up the pieces and put himself back together. But love isn’t an option. He had that once upon a time, and all he got was a broken heart.

Optimistic and sunny, Lauren Garcia is exactly what Alex doesn’t want in his life. Despite his fears, he can’t stay away. Her love might be the glue that holds him in place. But something once broken isn’t easily repaired. And if it breaks again, it will shatter.


I’m a writer, a mother, a wife, and a hopeless romantic. I pretend to love running, absolutely hate spiders, and love good British TV.