Thursday, 18 May 2017



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THREE WISHES is a laugh-out-loud romantic comedy!
Be careful what you wish for...
A lowly antiques dealer who's in love with the governor's girlfriend unleashes a genie from a lamp and unwittingly wishes himself into a hole the size of the Grand Canyon! A riotous contemporary twist on a classic tale.

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Author Sharie Donovan discovers long-hidden voodoo artifacts during renovations in her recently purchased 1800s manor near New Orleans. Enchanted by the manor’s historic charm and the lure of the mysterious discovery, little did Sharie know her life was about to irrevocably change…
Among the strange and haunting artifacts is a unique bottle containing an unfamiliar green liquid…
One night and one sip later, a 200-year-old spirit, Prudence Ravensdale, communicates with Sharie through her writing. Soon, Sharie realizes with every sip of the odd liquor she is further possessed by Prudence’s presence and captivated by her riveting story.
Thrown into the unfamiliar world of the paranormal, Sharie discovers love, adventure, and a new-found spirituality.
It all begins with a taste of the mysterious elixir