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The Blood & Bone Series: Books 1–3
The Blood & Bone Series: Books 1–3 By Lia Cooper
A sizzling set of three paranormal romances: Sparks fly between Seattle detectives Ethan and Patrick — but Ethan is a magic user and Pat is a werewolf! Can their budding relationship survive the culture clash?
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Restoring Valor
Restoring Valor By Doug Sterner with Michael Mink
When impostors lie about receiving military honors, they victimize real war heroes. This “compelling and thorough account” (former US senator Bob Dole) chronicles true stories of stolen valor — and the campaign that was launched to expose the perpetrators.
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True Crime
10 Little Hot Dogs
10 Little Hot Dogs By John Himmelman
In this “visually playful” picture book (School Library Journal), 10 adorable dachshunds squeeze into one big blue chair. “With many concepts to explore — including addition, subtraction, and new vocabulary — this is a useful title” (Booklist).
$1.00 $5.03 
Twisted By Bonnie M Hennessy
Magic and romance meet in this enthralling take on the Rumpelstiltskin fairy tale! To save her family, Aoife spins straw into gold with the help of her magical guardian, who hides his true motives. But that’s only the beginning…
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Teen and Young Adult
Pandemic By Scott Sigler
From a #1 New York Times bestselling author: An alien pathogen threatens to tear humanity to shreds in this gruesome page-turner. “Visceral… a surefire hit” (Booklist) with nearly 1,500 five-star ratings on Goodreads.
$1.99 $8.99 
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Isle of Winds
Isle of Winds By James Fahy
After his grandmother’s death, Robin is whisked away to a rambling Lancashire estate. As its secrets unfold, Robin’s true identity as the world’s last Changeling is revealed. “Exciting… Fast-moving with surprises and mysteries galore” (British Fantasy Award–winning author Simon Clark).
$0.99 $3.99 
Bad City
Bad City By Matt Mayr
In this inventive dystopian read, the future is bleak. Eli Baxter rules South Town with an iron fist, and traitors don’t live long. Idealistic and talented thief Simon is desperate to escape — but will a new assignment from Eli hold him back?
$2.99 $8.09 
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Science Fiction
Always and Forever
Always and Forever By Siân O’Gorman
Once a high-flying career woman, Jo is now a frazzled mother facing a marriage in shambles. With the support of her family, best friend, and a local theater group, can she find herself again and start anew?
$0.99 $4.60 
Women's Fiction
The John MacArthur Collection: Volume 1
The John MacArthur Collection: Volume 1 By John MacArthur
Rediscover prayer, confront spiritual challenges, learn to defend your faith, and more! A New York Times bestselling author offers practical biblical insights in this collection of four Christian classics.
$2.99 $44.99 
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Christian Nonfiction
Pope Francis: Pastor of Mercy
Pope Francis: Pastor of Mercy By Michael J. Ruszala
This captivating biography sheds light on one of the world’s most inspiring and influential figures. Share in Jorge Mario Bergoglio’s incredible journey from his childhood in Buenos Aires to his eventual appointment as the Catholic Church’s esteemed leader.
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Christian Nonfiction
The Healthy Air Fryer Cookbook
The Healthy Air Fryer Cookbook By Linda Larsen
Craving delicious fried food but worried about clogging your arteries? With over 100 easy recipes, you can use one outstandingly versatile kitchen appliance to grill, roast, and fry your way through heart-healthy favorites!
$2.69 $9.44 
Global Tilt
Global Tilt By Ram Charan
From a #1 New York Times bestselling author: The global economy is shifting — but this insightful guide will show you how to keep your business competitive! “Necessary reading… fascinating information to absorb and a window onto our economic future” (Publishers Weekly).
$1.99 $17.99 
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Fat Girl
Fat Girl By K.L. Montgomery
At almost 40, Claire is struggling with divorce, the dating scene, and her waistline. Experience her journey to love and self-acceptance in this witty, entertaining romantic comedy!
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366 Days in Abraham Lincoln’s Presidency
366 Days in Abraham Lincoln’s Presidency By Stephen A. Wynalda
New York Times bestseller! Chronicling 366 pivotal days during Lincoln’s White House years, this innovative portrait illuminates the decisions that secured his place in history.
$2.99 $25.99 
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The Burn
The Burn By Haylie Pomroy with Eve Adamson
Choose the right nourishment to achieve your desired waistline! A #1 New York Times bestselling author presents a revolutionary program designed to help break through metabolism roadblocks so you can look the way you want. “The Burn provides real clinical change” (Mark Hyman).
$1.99 $13.99 
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Advice and How-To
Easy Sacrifice
Easy Sacrifice By Anna Brooks
Jessa has always been able to rely on Ty, but he’s never stuck around for a relationship. When he makes the ultimate sacrifice to protect her, will their intense connection last?
$1.99 $3.95 
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New Adult Romance
Defining Destiny
Defining Destiny By Deanna Chase
After her world comes crashing down, Lucy Moore moves back home — where dark and enigmatic Seth Keenan awaits her. Neither believes in happy endings, but will they take a chance in each other’s arms?
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New Adult Romance
Brody’s Vow
Brody’s Vow By Kaylea Cross
Injured and on the run, fiercely self-reliant Trinity has no choice but to accept the help of a handsome stranger. Can sniper Brody keep her safe with a merciless killer at large?
$0.99 $3.99 
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Romantic Suspense
Jewel of Atlantis
Jewel of Atlantis By Gena Showalter
From a New York Times bestselling author whose “name on a book means guaranteed entertainment” (RT Book Reviews): If Grayson can’t protect the Jewel of Dunamis from enemies, he must destroy it. But when he discovers the jewel is a woman, unbridled passion threatens duty in this dazzling read!
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Paranormal Romance
Loving Lord Ash
Loving Lord Ash By Sally MacKenzie
The Marquis of Ashton hasn’t seen his wife, Jess, since their wedding day eight years ago. In need of an heir, he returns to his country seat — where Jess must find a way to win her husband’s heart! “Readers will love being treated to this lively, hilarious Regency romp” (Booklist starred review).
$1.99 $8.07 
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Historical Romance
Winning the Duke
Winning the Duke By Jenn Langston
Grace asks Braiden, Duke of Donetic, for a marriage of convenience — and he agrees, determined to avoid real feelings. Can she persuade the duke to love again? An engaging romance!
Free! $5.03 
Historical Romance
Beyond: Volume One
Beyond: Volume One By Kit Rocha
These three novels will take you to a devastating world where all that exists is hardship… and pleasure. Submission, domination, and steamy passion combine in this titillating collection.
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Dark Romance & Erotica
Her Best Friend’s Dad
Her Best Friend’s Dad By Penny Wylder
When struggling artist Lia moves back home, she receives an offer she can’t refuse: a job working for her best friend’s successful and undeniably gorgeous father. Lia knows it’s all business — but something about him screams sex… From a USA Today bestselling author!
$0.99 $5.03 
Erotic Romance
Love Is Purple
Love Is Purple By Alyssia Leon
Looking to settle down, wealthy Marc knows the perfect society wife will help his chances of success. But as things heat up with vicar’s daughter Sophie, will she prove that she’s the right woman for him?
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Contemporary Romance
Meant for Love
Meant for Love By Christine Kingsley
Lissa, a small-town girl, has loved Jesse for as long as she can remember. Will personal demons stop their romance in its tracks? Or will the pair come to see they were meant to be together?
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Contemporary Romance
Remission By Ed Chatterton
Liverpool cop Frank Keane returns from a shady overseas trip to find his life under threat. He attempts to disappear underground — but his plans are dashed when he becomes ensnared in a high-stakes terror plot.
$1.75 $3.76 
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The Rock
The Rock By Robert Daws
On the tiny British territory of Gibraltar, a spry city detective and an old-fashioned chief inspector team up to investigate a shocking death — and discover a mystery stretching decades into the past. “Elegant storytelling, an original location, and a fine sense of place” (Peter James, international bestselling author).
Free! $3.76 
Crime Fiction
House 23
House 23 By Eli Yance
Ever since the love of his life was taken from him, Joseph Lee has endured a solitary, wretched existence. But when a woman bearing an uncanny resemblance to his departed wife moves across the street, Joseph introduces himself — not knowing a world of awful secrets awaits.
$2.51 $13.79 
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Psychological Thrillers
The Luckiest Woman Ever
The Luckiest Woman Ever By Nell Goddin
In the charming village of Castillac, amateur sleuth Molly Sutton pulls out all the stops to clear an innocent man of murder! A perfect choice for fans of cozy mysteries.
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Cozy Mysteries