Monday, 5 June 2017

Do you love Menage? #99cents




Snap Shot: Two Sexy and Strapping Alpha Brits. One Disillusioned Curvy BBW Texan. One Unforgettable Summer Filled With Unspeakable Naughty Pleasures!

***POV from all 3 main characters.***

Do good things come in threes?

Does it even make sense to fall in love with two men?

And if so, what does the future looks like?

Those are just some of the questions clouding Delilah Babcock’s mind as she faces the real possibility of having to leave behind the most perfect relationship she's ever had in her entire life.

If you're looking for an uneventful ending to this already smoldering hot series, Book 4 isn't it.

Just when you think Scarlett can’t add any more twists and surprises to this story… she does... in a big way!

The question is, does Delilah get her Happy Ever After or will she have to go back to her loveless relationship in New York?