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Ayumi’s Violin
Ayumi’s Violin By Mariko Tatsumoto
An engaging historical tale: When her mother dies, 12-year-old violin prodigy Ayumi must leave Japan to live with her American father — but her new home isn’t very welcoming. Can rebellious Diego help Ayumi face her bullies?
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Middle Grade
The Prophet of Lamath
The Prophet of Lamath By Robert Don Hughes
The Dragonsgate is open. A two-headed monster runs rampant across the Three Lands — and Pelmen the powershaper is responsible. Can he escape the King’s dungeon and stop the Lands from falling into ruin? An enthralling epic fantasy for fans of Anne McCaffrey!
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Broken Mirror
Broken Mirror By Cody Sisco
As Victor hunts for the truth behind his grandfather’s death, he struggles with questions of who he can trust… and what is real. Set in a skewed mirror universe, this unique sci-fi detective story will appeal to fans of Neal Stephenson and Haruki Murakami.
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Science Fiction
The Friendship Pact
The Friendship Pact By Tara Taylor Quinn
Perfect for fans of Jodi Picoult! Koralynn would do anything for Bailey, her lifelong best friend — but this time, Bailey needs something that Kora might not be able to give… From an author whose “writing is dramatic, her characters realistic, her stories involving” (Debbie Macomber).
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Women's Fiction
A Pony Express Romance
A Pony Express Romance By Misty M. Beller
Josiah English dreams of raising horses — and his new job brings him face-to-face with a beautiful woman who shares his dream. Will God lead them to love and prosperity in the Sweetwater River valley?
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Christian Fiction
The Feminine Face of God
The Feminine Face of God By Sherry Ruth Anderson and Patricia Hopkins
A fascinating look at the spiritual lives of women! Explore the feminine side of faith in this “illuminating narrative” (Publishers Weekly) filled with “much food for thought” (Kirkus Reviews).
$1.99 $12.99 
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Religion and Spirituality
One Pan to Rule Them All
One Pan to Rule Them All By Howie Southworth and Greg Matza
For fuss-free, mouthwatering meals, the cast-iron skillet is all you need! This must-have cookbook has a trove of one-pan recipes to help you deliver easy, satisfying home cooking.
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The Gestapo
The Gestapo By Frank McDonough
A renowned historian examines the Gestapo — and the extraordinary people who opposed it. Written with access to unpublished case files and records, this fascinating, disturbing history offers a definitive look at Hitler’s secret police and their chilling ability to manipulate the public.
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Kiss the Boys Goodbye
Kiss the Boys Goodbye By Monika Jensen-Stevenson and William Stevenson
In examining the US government’s treatment of American soldiers who became prisoners of war in Vietnam, this penetrating and incendiary book tells the stories of those tragically left behind.
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Essential Oils Natural Remedies
Essential Oils Natural Remedies By Althea Press
Unlock the restorative properties of essential oils with this handy guide! Featuring information on which brands are best and what methods you can use to treat common ailments like acne and headaches.
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Advice and How-To
Let Me Heal Your Heart
Let Me Heal Your Heart By Lily Foster
Anna and Declan were meant to be — but can their undying passion survive years of tragedy? “A heartbreaking story of first loves and adversity” (RT Book Reviews).
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New Adult Romance
Moments of Julian
Moments of Julian By Keary Taylor
A red-hot romance from a USA Today bestselling author: Sage won’t let anything get in the way of her hard-earned career — except for gorgeous, tattooed Julian!
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New Adult Romance
Atlas By Alison Ryan
Billionaire Navy SEAL Atlas wanted to leave his dark past behind, but when gorgeous, frightened Piper comes to him for help, he can’t say no. As he shields her from danger, can they keep their heads down — and their hearts in check?
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Romantic Suspense
In Bed with a Highlander
In Bed with a Highlander By Maya Banks
From a #1 New York Times bestselling author comes a “wickedly delightful” tale (Monica McCarty). Ewan’s marriage to beautiful Mairin is one of convenience, but an unlikely connection blooms between them. Can Mairin conquer the Highlander’s heart for good?
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Historical Romance
Provoked By Joanna Chambers
David Lauriston is an idealistic lawyer from a humble background — he has nothing in common with pleasure-seeking Lord Murdo Balfour. But their clashing personalities send off sparks… and their chemistry is impossible to resist! A dazzling Regency romance.
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Historical Romance
Rose By Vanessa Vale
From a USA Today bestselling author: Rose wants nothing more than the freedom that would come with her own ranch. But she didn’t count on her handsome neighbor, Chance, joining her as she sets off toward the horizon…
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American Historical Romance
Game Saver
Game Saver By BJ Harvey
From a USA Today bestselling author: Abi Cook enjoys her sizzling hookups with Dr. Cade Carsen — but when he asks her to be his fake girlfriend, their carefully planned charade takes a turn for the real…
$1.31 $5.03 
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Erotic Romance
Mick By Melissa Foster
USA Today bestseller from an author whose name “is synonymous with sexy, swoony, heartfelt romance!” (New York Times bestselling author Lauren Blakely). Amanda makes an instant connection at a masquerade bar crawl. But what happens when her mystery man turns out to be her boss?
$1.99 $6.29 
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Contemporary Romance
A Cowboy to Remember
A Cowboy to Remember By Barbara Ankrum
As teenagers, Olivia and her best friend, Jake, promised to marry each other if they were single at 30. Years later, an accident sends Olivia home to the family ranch, where former Army pilot Jake is waiting to fulfill their pact…
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Contemporary Romance
Caly’s Island
Caly’s Island By Dick Herman
When six retirees go on a sailing trip, they unwittingly embark on a dangerous odyssey that will test their limits as they descend into the unknown… A heart-stopping epic at sea from “one of the best adventure writers around” (Clive Cussler).
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Action and Adventure
In the Dark
In the Dark By J. Scott Matthews
Number Nine can’t remember who he is or why he woke up in a room full of dead bodies. Haunted by waking nightmares, he races to unravel the mystery — before his grasp on reality slips again…
$0.99 $6.29 
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Sharp Shooter
Sharp Shooter By Marianne Delacourt
Tara Sharp can read auras — but her unusual ability is about to land her in some serious hot water! An unorthodox detective and her unlikely companions take on the biggest crime lord in town in this hilarious, action-packed novel perfect for Stephanie Plum fans.
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Crime Fiction