Sunday, 25 June 2017


Swept Away
Swept Away By Kamery Solomon
To reconnect with her estranged father, Samantha joins his excavation of a legendary buried treasure. But when a mishap transports her to the 17th century, she must rely on distractingly handsome seaman Tristan to help her navigate the perils of the high seas!
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Time Travel Romance
Whatever Happened to Vicky Hope’s Back Up Man?
Whatever Happened to Vicky Hope’s Back Up Man? By Laura Kemp
Years ago, Vicky and Mikey promised that if they were both single at 30, they’d get married. When Vicky is dumped on her 30th birthday, a reunion between friends will show her how times have changed — and what the future holds…
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Chick Lit
Model Bodyguard
Model Bodyguard By Lissa Kasey
When model Ollie and Marine vet Kade open a security business, they’re not expecting Ollie’s ex to be their first client. Kade grudgingly takes the job — but will this assignment put both his safety and their relationship on the line?
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Last Call
Last Call By Sean Costello
When an earnest young woman hits the road, she finds herself on a collision course with a crazed serial killer looking for his next trophy… This bloodcurdling tale of terror will keep you up long into the night!
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The Imp of Eye
The Imp of Eye By Kristin Gleeson and Moonyeen Blakey
Gifted orphan Barnabas dreams of sailing the high seas, but his mistress and his guardian are intent on using Barnabas’s powers to turn the tide of a nation. A thoroughly entertaining take on the Wars of the Roses.
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If Then
If Then By Matthew de Abaitua
In a world where the Process controls everything he sees, James must fight to understand what’s real. Is he a soldier in the early 20th century, or a man living in a town on the brink of disaster? Past and future collide in this unique sci-fi novel.
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Science Fiction
Next Door Secrets
Next Door Secrets By Karen Lenfestey
In this touching novel, Beth rediscovers long-buried emotions as she bonds with Kaylee, the eight-year-old living next door. But Kaylee’s father has a secret that could destroy everything…
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Women's Fiction