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River of Time
River of Time By Zoe Matthews and Jade Jenson
A touch of strange magic allows Nicky to exchange letters with Shaun, a single father living in the 19th century. As she falls for her impossible pen pal, will a journey to the past bring Nicky the love she’s been looking for?
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Time Travel Romance
Totlandia: The Onesies: Fall
Totlandia: The Onesies: Fall By Josie Brown
Welcome to the Pacific Heights Moms & Tots Club, the city’s most exclusive playgroup — where only the best make it in. Follow four women on their quests to beat out the competition and join the elite crew in this hilarious read.
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Chick Lit
Silly Tilly
Silly Tilly By Eileen Spinelli and David Slonim
“Laugh-out-loud funny… Will appeal to children who follow the beat of their own drummers” (School Library Journal): A goose named Tilly just loves being silly — even if the other farm animals disapprove of her antics. But they eventually learn an important lesson: It’s okay to have fun!
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Grounded By G.P. Ching
A riveting dystopian novel: Lydia Troyer grew up in a secluded Amish community. When she seeks medical help for her father, she discovers a secret government study has thrust her into a pivotal — and perilous — role.
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Teen and Young Adult
Fallen Gods: Sanctuary 12
Fallen Gods: Sanctuary 12 By T. W. Malpass
Nine strangers are drawn to an old mansion by a child’s cryptic whispers. There they meet Mr. Cradleworth, whose disturbing plans for the group will slowly come to light…
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The Forever Man: Pulse
The Forever Man: Pulse By Craig Zerf
The world ends with a sequence of electromagnetic pulses: planes fall, hospitals go dark, and water supplies run out. The radiation changes Nathaniel into the Forever Man. But when the Fair Folk and their fantastical creatures arrive on Earth, can his new abilities save humanity?
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Blood Music
Blood Music By Greg Bear
A Hugo and Nebula Award–winning author brings you this “dazzling flight of disciplined imagination” (Poul Anderson) with over 2,000 five-star ratings on Goodreads. Humanity is at the brink of destruction — and hubristic genetic engineer Vergil Ulam may push it over the edge.
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Science Fiction
Up to the Mountains and Down to the Countryside
Up to the Mountains and Down to the Countryside By Quincy Carroll
Two Americans teaching English in rural China clash over questions of purpose, lust, and love — a conflict that swiftly becomes a struggle between two ways of life. “Insightful” (Kirkus Reviews).
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Literary Fiction
Painting the Moon
Painting the Moon By Traci Borum
After her beloved aunt’s death, Noelle inherits a cottage in the rolling English countryside. There she finds a locked room, a mysterious journal… and a second chance at love with her childhood sweetheart.
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Women's Fiction
A Most Inconvenient Marriage
A Most Inconvenient Marriage By Regina Jennings
After the death of her husband, who called himself Jeremiah Calhoun, Abigail inherits his farm. But when the real Jeremiah Calhoun suddenly appears, her new life is turned upside down in this enchanting Christian romance! “An original tale with multidimensional characters” (RT Book Reviews).
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Christian Fiction
Quinoa By Sonoma Press
Looking for a way to incorporate a nutritional powerhouse into your diet? This innovative cookbook includes over 150 delicious, easy recipes featuring quinoa — from soups and salads to smoothies and desserts!
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For the Win
For the Win By Kevin Werbach and Dan Hunter
Based in psychological research, game thinking can be a powerful motivational tool. This “thoughtful” guide (Daniel H. Pink) will help you apply the principles of game design toward productivity, innovation, and more! “Their central idea… is hard to argue with” (The Economist).
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Common Ground
Common Ground By Justin Trudeau
Gain a new perspective on Justin Trudeau’s journey, from his father’s legacy to his own hard-fought political victories. The iconic leader shares fascinating stories and hopes for the nation in this compelling autobiography.
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Biographies and Memoirs
Headstrong By Rachel Swaby
This inspiring collection profiles 52 brilliant female scientists and their groundbreaking discoveries. Discover the true, incredible stories of these “worthy women who deserve more publicity” (The Wall Street Journal). With nearly 400 five-star ratings on Goodreads!
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The Birds and Bees of Words
The Birds and Bees of Words By Mary Embree
Take a deeper look at the ever-changing nature of words! Covering frequent errors in usage, spelling, and grammar, this entertaining yet informative book is perfect for anyone who wants to sharpen their knowledge of the written language.
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Advice and How-To
Son of York
Son of York By Amy Licence
During King Henry VI’s unstable reign, Richard of York takes on the responsibilities that Henry cannot. But as tension mounts within the court, uncertainty swirls regarding who will succeed Henry’s throne… “A considered and scholarly account” (Philippa Gregory) brimming with intrigue!
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Historical Fiction
42 Hours
42 Hours By Bethany Lopez
Ever since an explosive one-night stand years ago, longtime friends Scott and Gaby have been yearning for each other… but Scott’s decided to change that with a sensual weekend getaway. With only 42 hours to win her heart, can he prove his passion is real?
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New Adult Romance
A Different Blue
A Different Blue By Amy Harmon
With over 8,700 five-star ratings on Goodreads: Abandoned at a young age, Blue knows nothing of her past and refuses to open her heart to anyone. But as she falls for a handsome British teacher, her life will be transformed. A New York Times bestseller!
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New Adult Romance
Broslin Bride
Broslin Bride By Dana Marton
When Luanne Mayfair gets tangled up in a murder, her safety lies in the hands of Detective Chase Merritt, her former high school flame who’s hotter than ever. A captivating, suspenseful romance!
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Romantic Suspense
The Reaper’s Kiss
The Reaper’s Kiss By Abigail Baker
Ollie is a Scrivener — she hands out Deathmarks that signal a person’s demise. When she experiences an unexpected surge of power, she’ll attract the attention of sexy Reaper Brent. As they work to take down a menacing figure, will their scorching attraction complicate their mission?
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Paranormal Romance
Bridging the Storm
Bridging the Storm By Meredith Bond
Kate Cherington has always wanted to explore the world, not play governess to her cousins. When she meets Sir Dagonet, a knight granted immortality by Merlin himself, she hopes she’ll finally find the adventure she’s been waiting for! A Regency tale with a touch of magic.
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Historical Romance
Bad Bad Girl
Bad Bad Girl By Alta Hensley
When three women submit to these alpha males, they discover intoxicating pleasure — and punishment… A no-holds-barred collection of erotic tales!
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Dark Romance & Erotica
Billionaires in Disguise: Lizzy Box Set
Billionaires in Disguise: Lizzy Box Set By Blair Babylon
An entrancing complete series: When Lizzy meets sexy Mannix at a club, she submits to his control. But she yearns for his half-brother, Theo, who can offer her pleasure that she never imagined…
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Erotic Romance
Informed Risk
Informed Risk By Robyn Carr
From a #1 New York Times bestselling author: Firefighter Mike is used to flying solo — until single mother Christine comes into his life in need of solace and shelter. As sparks begin to fly, will Christine burn down Mike’s walls?
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Contemporary Romance
Her Billionaire Rancher Boss
Her Billionaire Rancher Boss By Genevieve Turner
When Pilar tells her billionaire boss she’s decided to leave the ranch where she’s worked for years, Benedict isn’t ready to let her go… A charming love story!
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Contemporary Romance
Dance on the Wind
Dance on the Wind By Terry C. Johnston
Seeking adventure, 16-year-old Titus Bass leaves his home behind and heads west. Along his journey, he’ll face the harsh realities of the frontier — and risk everything to experience true wilderness. “An epic that makes you wish it would never end” (Clive Cussler).
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Action and Adventure
Killer’s Diary
Killer’s Diary By Brian Pinkerton
When Ellen stumbles upon a diary left at a coffee shop, she feels a strange connection to its author. But as she embarks on a relationship with the item’s owner, she begins to have doubts. Do the journal entries reflect the thoughts of a tortured introvert — or those of a twisted killer?
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The Alpine Quilt
The Alpine Quilt By Mary Daheim
From a USA Today bestselling author who “writes with wit, wisdom, and a big heart” (Carolyn Hart): When a member of the local quilting circle dies at a dinner party, Emma Lord musters her journalistic skills to find a killer in the quaint town of Alpine.
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Cozy Mysteries
Summit Lake
Summit Lake By Charlie Donlea
“Captivating” (Steve Berry). Sent to Summit Lake to investigate a law student’s savage murder, reporter Kelsey Castle soon begins uncovering the victim’s disturbing secrets… “Clever and compelling” (Library Journal).
$1.99 $7.59 
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