Friday, 9 June 2017


Single Malt by Layla ReyneSingle Malt By Layla Reyne
FBI agent Aidan is matched with handsome new partner Jameson. But there’s hardly room for steamy distractions with a cyberterrorist attack to stop and thousands of lives to save… Hot romance and edge-of-your-seat suspense collide in this captivating read! 
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Hard Time by Shaun AttwoodHard Time By Shaun Attwood
Former stock market mogul Shaun Attwood documents life in Arizona’s deadliest jail in this firsthand account of his fight for survival. This searing exposé provides a brutal glimpse into the darkest corners of America’s criminal justice system. 
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True Crime
Little Miss Muffet by Iza TrapaniLittle Miss Muffet By Iza Trapani
Little Miss Muffet just wants to enjoy her snack in peace, but her day takes a turn when she encounters several startling animals! With charming illustrations, this nursery rhyme adaptation “humorously capture[s] both Miss Muffet’s primness and her fright… A fun romp” (Kirkus Reviews). 
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The Last Orphans by N.W. HarrisThe Last Orphans By N.W. Harris
In this gripping dystopian novel, the entire adult population is suddenly wiped out, plunging the world into chaos. Sixteen-year-old Shane leads a group on a quest for answers — only to make a horrifying discovery… 
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Teen and Young Adult
Saxon’s Bane by Geoffrey GudgionSaxon’s Bane By Geoffrey Gudgion
In a tiny English village, an archaeologist uncovers evidence of a human sacrifice from the Dark Ages — and the grisly find will unleash an inconceivable nightmare for the living… 
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The Grey Horse by R. A. MacAvoyThe Grey Horse By R. A. MacAvoy
When a strange stallion arrives in a 19th-century Irish village, the townspeople discover their visitor is no ordinary horse… An enchanting work of Celtic fantasy from a Locus Award–winning author. 
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Plague Wars Trilogy by David VanDyke and Ryan KingPlague Wars Trilogy By David VanDyke and Ryan King
As the mysterious Eden Plague overtakes the world, society is thrown into chaos — and humanity is in danger. Can a band of unlikely heroes save the planet before it’s too late? 
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Science Fiction